October 2, 2014

Hiroshima Day 4 / Osaka Day 1 ~ Memorial Peace Museum / meeting Tomomi-chan

Today is our last day in Hiroshima. Because Kiki can't walk properly because of our walking marathon yesterday, she relaxed at the hotel while I went to the Memorial Peace Museum of Hiroshima. It was just down the street from our hotel, so it just took me around 10 minutes by foot.

The building doesn't look very special but I think it's more practical build. The fountain at the front is really beautiful. Behind the museum the Memorial Park starts. It's a nice green park ending up at the Genabku Dome (Atomic Bomb Dome) where I have already been last time in April.

museum's main building

Memorial Park
So I entered the museum and was surprised about the entrance fee: just 50 Yen! That's not even 5 Cent O.o
So I think the city doesn't want to make any win out of this museum because it is a symbol of peace to anybody. Unfortunately the right building was under construction at this time so it wasn't open to the public.

But nevertheless it was really interesting and really touching! All the pictures and replicas with their pieces of information were quite shocking, I almost cried seeing all this. But when you see Hiroshima today, the city really stood up again and live on to show the importance of peace to the world.

picture of Hiroshima after the bomb attack
Afterwards I was glad that we just aimed for Hiroshima Station to get our Shinkansen to Osaka because I wasn't in the mood for sightseeing or Shopping right now. 
At the streetcar station Kiki considered that she had forgotten her suica (case) at the hotel... oh dear >.< So I jogged back and fortunately the cleaning woman had found it.So I got it and jogged back to the station. 
So the last time to ride the streetcar in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima streetcar via Hiroshima Station

But because of my jogging session for Kiki we reached our shinkansen on the last minute X.x
But then everything was fine and we reached Osaka in time to check-in our hotel (from last time - the Hearton Hotel Minamisenba in Shinsaibashi^^) and meet my Japanese friend Tomomi in front of the OPA building. I was so happy to see her again^.^

Because Kiki and I were very hungry as a consequence of having no lunch so far, we entered the restaurant floor of the OPA to get something to eat. Tomomi chose a nice restaurant & café for us. Kiki and I decided for the daily meal: Karaage in chili sauce with rice, salad and miso soup - very delicious ^.^

lunch & my cute café moccha^.^
Of course we talked a lot and told Tomomi about the Golden Bomber concerts because she was so nice and had bought the tickets for us - thank you so much!!!
Finally we leave to take a walk on the Shinsaibashi-suji. We had to enter a drug store because Kiki needed some patches and gel insoles for her feet and I wanted to buy something against my mosquito bite >.<
With the help of Tomomi we got what we needed and continued our walk. Of course we made a stop at the Ebisu-suji bridge and looked forward to see the Glico Man again, but now it is a 'Glico Girl' O.o How sad >.< Nevertheless we took the epic tourist photo.

Glico pose

Finally we had a break at a coffee down in the Namba Walk. I tried a Sesame Tofu Latte O.o It looked awful (because of the black sesame) but tasted quite good. She also told us about her holidays in Australia and that we need to come back to Japan again. She will also buy us our next concert tickets XD

So in the evening we said goodbye to Tomomi T^T
But we had a great day and were happy to get a bit more sleep tonight because tomorrow we just want to go shopping^o^

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