October 3, 2014

Osaka Day 2 ~ Shopping ^o^

Today was our great shopping day in Osaka! But first we looked forward to have a nice Breakfast at our 'Café Break' like last time^.^
I had a Choco-Parfait: icecream with Cornflakes, fruits and chocolate sauce X3

my choco-parfait *yummy*

Then we started our shopping tour in the OPA Shinsaibashi^o^
8 floors just with fashion shops! Kiki and I were overwhelmed and just took a look at all things. When we have passed all floors we decided to have a coffee break at our beloved Excelsior Coffee because we had to think of what we really wanted to buy XD

I was really into clothes from the label Cecil McBee. Opposite to the Excelsior Café was even an own Cecil McBee shop, so I liked to started there. The shop was really beautiful and of course they had a greater choice then the little one in the OPA. I tried some things on and finally decided for a super warm beige cardigan, a short white cardigan and a totally beautiful golden necklace in a shape of a snowflake *_*
Really I have never bought so much in one time^^; (pictures will follow when I'm back home)
Satisfied we went back to the OPA, now was Kiki's turn. She shopped many things at Garula XD We still had an eye on some things but then took another break at the café restaurant we had been yesterday with Tomomi. It was the time to get my Matcha Cheesecake, I looked forward to it so much^o^
And I didn't get disappointed, it was soooo delicious *_* and perfect with a Café Latte XD

Matcha Cheesecake & Café Latte

Atferwards we also did a nice shot of Purikura before taking a final shopping round. Kiki hold back and didn't buy anything else but I had to buy a pullover in military pattern at Garula >.<
So we were greatly successful today^__^

my shopping efforts in front of the OPA

We head back to our hotel and realxed a bit before going out for dinner. We went to our favourite restaurant from last time because Kiki was looking forward to her Ebi Fri set and I chose for the Grilled Chicken set (everything together with Misosoup, rice and salad - sets are really good in Japan!). So a perfect end for this perfect day ^__^v

Tomorrow we will go to Tokyo for the last days of our holidays. So just chill-out while taking the Shinkansen to Tokyo...

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