October 4, 2014

Osaka Day 3 / Tokyo Day 1 ~ 50th anniversary of the Shinkansen

Today was nothing special because we would leave for Tokyo today. We started with our usual breakfast and were happy to the man from last time again. He is so nice and even try to speak English X3 He also recognized us and welcomed us warmly^^
We were happy about our Japanese toast with butter and strawberry jam before leaving for the subway station. In Shin-Osaka we made a seat reservation for the next Hikari Shinkansen to Tokyo.

The trip took 3 hours during which we wrote Fanfics or just doze a bit. But today was a special for the Shinkansen because it has its 50th anniversary^^

It was even announced on the package of Kiki's bento which she bought for the ride.
Of course Kiki was glad to arrive in her 'hometown' again. We checked in our usual Shiba Park Hotel and first had a coffee at our Tully's Coffee.

But that's all what has worked that day. The rest was kind of... scary. The smoking area in front of our hotel was gone respectively moved around the corner (we found out later), the family mart didn't run Kiki's beloved Jasmine Tea anymore and the stuff behave curious to me: I don't get a bag, the food isn't warmed up and some other little things...
The weather was also cloudy, humid and a bit cold, so unusual these days. Tokyo hasn't welcomed us well^^;

So we hope that tomorrow will be back to normal so to say. We will start our Tokyo with a visit to Harajuku and also meet Kiki's friend Aya. So we are looking forward to tomorrow!^_^

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