October 6, 2014

Tokyo Day 2 ~ Shopping in Harajuku & Shibuya

Today we had super warm weather: totally sunny with 29 degrees! So we were happy to wear some light outfits and go for our shopping trip to sweet Harajuku first. But of course we started with a great breakfast again XD There we also met with Aya who accompanied us. At Hamamatsuchou Station she also showed me how to get a Suica - it's a card with which you can just pay for the trains or for example in the Family Marts, it's really useful^^
Then we were ready to take the Yamanote Line to Harajuku! And damn, it was so hot! >.<
We were glad that the lively Takeshita dori was mostly situated in shadows. But before we arrived there at the entrance we passed an Addidas shop where a great picture of the German Soccer Team hang out in the moment der hold the World Cup^o^

Celebrating our soccer team XD

On the takeshita dori we visited the character goods shop from last time again because I wanted to buy a Suica Case there and also look for other cute stuff (which I didn't find). I got a Darth Vader Suica Case now^.^

Suica Case

We also visited some other curious little shops, made some purikura and had a super delicious sweet Harajuku crepe for Lunch *_* Kiki decided for a strawberry cream again while I chose a Matcha Cheesecake & Icecream Cream Crepe XD (I'd like to try the Pumpkin cream crepe but it was already sold out Q.Q)
Then my drama of the day happened: when we had a little break for smoking, I recognized that my Plush-Kenji (from the Golden Bomber concert) was missing. So I had to forget in the Purikura Center before. I hurried back and prayed that it was still there! (this Purikura centre isn't really used by many people) But in the cabine I just found the empty plastic bag where it was inside. It wasn't given back at the counter either, so I was nearly crying. But I saw that somebody was still decorating purikura at the machine, so I waited for asking them. And I was lucky! One girl had taken it and put it on her hand bag but she gave it back to me without complaining. Oh dear, I was so happy and relieved... I was done when I got back to Kiki and Aya^^;

Then Kiki wanted to visit the Laforet Building where many Harajuku brands have their shops. She wanted to buy a necklace at 'Mint Neko', it's a label the bassist of Golden Bomber Jun is in collaboration with and he loves Neko stuff, so we refer these things to him X3
So I just couldn't resist and also got myself some Neko-earings^.^

'Mint Neko' - Earings

At last we visited Kiddy Land Harajuku. Sounds childish (okay, it IS childish) but they have so many cute character things. They have Japanese character goods, Disney and so now also Star Wars (*_*), Hello Kitty and a Rilakkuma shop. I visited the Rilakkuma Shop to get some stuff for my friend Kirschu and I was succesful^^v
I myself was interested in the Star Wars merchandising but didn't find anything interesting to buy. But it was just cool to find Star Wars stuff between all these other cute characters and series *lol*
(unfortunately it wasn't allowed to take photos inside^^;)

So our to-do-lit for Harajuku was done and we went to Shibuya next. Of course Kiki had to make a break at Hachiko and enjoy the atmpshere there.
But then our first stop was - like always - Tower Records to get ourselves the new Single of Golden Bomber^^
The we finally had a coffee break at our Excelsior Café near the Shibuya 109 building. It was really funny because out of nowhere some handsome guys appeared and were sitting besides our table. Kiki really found them interesting and it was cute to listen to her and Aya talking about the guys, which one is best and how to get a glimpse of his face (because the cutiest was sitting with his back towards us). But nothing happened XD

me & Aya with changed hats
So we leave to get a first look inside the 109. Kiki and I saw really cool clothes at d.i.a. but couldn't convince ourselves for buying them today. Kiki just got some eye lashes. I wanted to have a new handbag so badly in beige but I haven't found anything nice >.< That was really bothering me. The colour don't seem to be uptodate at the moment...

So with this we end our shopping for today and had dinner at the Tempura Restaurant opposite to the 109 building. It was delicious as always! Tempura is always a good chouce ;D 
But after that we were so full and because of the walking and shopping today we were quite exhausted. So after a last stop at Hachiko, we returned to our hotel.
But tomorrow we will meet Aya again and we wanted to go to Shinjuku for a change^^v

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