October 7, 2014

Tokyo Day 3 ~ Shinjuku

Today we met again with Aya at our Tully's Coffee. Aya came up with the idea to visit Shinjuku. So we took the Yamanote Line and tried to find our way through the biggest Station of Tokyo^^;
We entered the Lumine Est building and looked around the shops there. We tried to find some shoes for Kiki and a handbag for me but nothing was in sight U.U

So Lunchtime came up and we walked aorund the Southern Terrace of Shinjuku Station and entered the Takashimaya Department Store building to have lunch there. The highest floors are full of restaurants, it was hard to decide. But we found a great restaurant for Tonkatsu and Kiki and I were happy to get a Katsudon^o^

Katsudon Set: Katsudon, Salad, Misosoup & Pickles
But then Aya came up with a masterplan! Kiki always saud she wanted to visit a Host Club in Kabukichou here in Shinjuku, so Aya found some establishment which is a bit less then a real Host Club. But nevertheless you pay and entrance fee and can have a drink with some Host guy. Aya was really into planning though she didn't like the idea herself. Kiki was excited and really wanted to do this. But I was not into this plan, I didn't like the idea to pay for having a drink with a guy... especially not when you flashed by some other guys XD
But so Aya and Kiki would go there at 6 pm. So we had still around 2 hours left...

Aya's masterplan sheet XD
First thing to do afterwards: having a zigarette XD
With my perfect navigation system in mind (now we always use 'Michi maps' instead of google maps XD) I found a smoking area for Kiki on the building terrace. So while Kiki was smoking, I had a great view over Shinjuku^^

Shinjuku Park and surrounding

In the Takashimaya Building was also a great Tokyu Hands situated, so a good chance for me to look for bento boxes^o^
And I really found a cute Bento Bowl which I liked to have for quite some time now!

my new bento bowl^^
Aya also wanted to enter a interior shop on the Southern Terrace. It's called 'FrancFranc', I really liked it.
The last we spend together in an Excelsior Café on the Northeast side of Shinjuku Station. I was happy about a Matcha Latte and even more about a tea spoon because it was my first Japanese Café to get a proper one! XD

my Matcha Latte in front of the Tokyu Hands Halloween bag^^

Finally it was time to separate. Aya and Kiki went to Kabukichou area to get Kiki host and I stayed on the eastside and visit some other department stores like Isetan and OIOI. So one hour really passed by fast and it was time to meet up again.

east Shinjuku at night
We went back to the Station together but there we had to say goodbye to Aya because she would be going home to Sendai. But it was great to be able to meet her again for two days^__^
On the way back to our hotel Kiki could report me about her experiences... it seemed to be quite entertaining. They had a beer and the guy was cute and knew how to entertain her (he couldn't speak English of course^^;). So maybe next time if it isn't such a spontanious idea again, we go there together...

So we have to pack our luggage now because tomorrow night will be our flight back home...
But we will spend our last day in Shibuya againto throw away the rest of our money XD

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