October 17, 2014

Tokyo Day 4 ~ Drowning in Shibuya & Departure

Today was our last day in Japan. Time passed by to fast again...
We slept out and get ready slowly because we wanted to check out late. Our flight will go at 00:30 h so we were not in a hurry. Especially not with this bad weather. It was raining so badly... and we didn't have an umbrella^^; So we ran to the Family Mart and bought us some XD But it was good because we like the Japanese transparant umbrellas^^
So we had breakfast around 12 o'clock and I was lucky to get my beloved French Toast nevertheless^o^ I even enjoyed myself a tall cup of Café Latte, I even get a real cup! So happy XD

Tully'a cup XD
We were not eager to leave our Tully's coffee to go back into this rain but what should we do?! So as always we spent our last day with shopping in Shibuya. We went straight to the 109 and had another look through the shops. Kiki finally found a checked shirt and I bought a super cute wallet with cats on it^.^ (of course it reminds us of Jun of Golden Bomber, he he)
But we couldn't decide for the other clothes to buy. So the situation called for the first coffebreak of the day, so went acrss the street in to our Excelsior Café. I took the opportunity and took a 'sweets set' to finally taste the pumpkin cheesecake which looked so good! I wasn't disapointed, it was totally deliclous *_*
pumpkin cheesecake & Café Latte (& Kiki's cigarettes in the backround XD)

Then step out in the rain again for a few meters and check the Cecil McBee shop another time XD 
And I was more successful than I expected... I bought a creme coloured handbag and two pollovers. I really got over 10,000 Yen X.x my new record, ha ha...
But hey, foreigners got 8% discount by showing your passport and everything over 10,000 is taxfree XD
Also Kiki liked one of the pullovers I bought and a cute skirt, so she bought them as well *lol*

Next stop was a shop where we have seen nice boots and Kiki really wanted to have some beige ones! After a bit persuading from my side Kiki entered the shop and asked to try on the boots. They fitted better than expected and Kiki got her next great bargain^^v
I was even able to tell the girl that we don't need the show box. Everyone is so happy when I try speaking in Japanese^^;

Our final stop was the d.i.a. shop on the ground floor. We fell in love with a super cool parka but I will never fit in this thing^^; But Kiki really bought it! Together with another grey shirt.
I really bought the caramel coloured cardigan I fell in love at once and it was really suitable to me X3
We were really flustered afterwards and had to leave the 109. We were so happy about our bargains but we spend sooo much money X.x

So the best thing for coming down was having dinner XD
We entered the Gourmet Town on the other side of the street but this time not for having tempura. We decided for a restaurant which offered an Oyakodon set (chicken with onions and egg on rice). It was such a nice restaurant and the set was really great! We had Oyakodon with miso soup, a little salad and a refreshing coconut pudding as desert.

Oyakodon set
entrance of the restaurant

But that was enough for today and we swam back to Shibuya Station. Because it was too early to leave for the airport we stopped by our Tully's Café for having our last cup of coffee there for this holiday.
We couldn't resist and try the pumpkin cake there. This one was a pound cake and really delicious, too! (though I liked the pumpkin cheesecake a bit more X3). I drank  a pumpkin latte with it, that was really my pumpkin day but I love it ^o^

Pumpkin Latte & Pumpkin Pound Cake

Finally we left for our hotel but the rain was getting heavier >.<
We were so wet when we arrived there. After we got our luggage we had to repack some things and get on some new and dry clothes on and be prepared to change our tights and shoes at the airport as well... (it wouldn't make sense to do it now because we wouldn't reach the airport in dry state...)
Aya even send us message that a taifun was coming to Japan, so we had to hope that our flight would still depart...
But we reached Haneda Airport safely and perfectly in time.

I really like the airport, it's much more comfortable than Narita Airport. We were lucky, our flight wasn't cancelled so far, but every flight next day was already cancelled because of the coming taifun >.< (and first we had planned to leave on Monday... what a coincidence)

In the security area we had a little dinner in some kind of food court. Kki got her favourite dish Yakisoba and I had a surprisingly good little okonomiyaki^^
airport okonomiyaki

But finally we had to leave our beloved country with the Emirates Flight at 00:30 h...
But the flight back was better than the last one. We even managed to get some sleep this time. In Dubai I was fascinated by this modern airport again XD I like it that there are palms in the middle of the building *lol*

at Dubai Airport XD

But Kiki and I were really happy when we arrived in Düsseldorf after another 6 hours flight. At home I just umpacked my luggage and was still totally happy with my bargains^o^

my bargains X3

So though it was quite a short journey it was my best trip to Japan so far! If Golden Bomber make a tour next again, Kiki and I will travel there for sure!!!
Hopefully see you next year in Japan again^.~

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