October 19, 2014

Aftermath of Japan travel...

The week after my journey to Japan I had still holidays. We arrived back in Germany on Monday and I needed the Tuesday for doing nothing important, just chilling, looking at my photos and stuff like that.
But I have been really missing Japan... so to get a bit of this feeling back I went to the Immermannstraße here in Düsseldorf in the afternoon to stroll around the Japanese supermarkets and get myself a bento for lunch^.^
I was so happy because it's like going to the Family Mart XD
And the taste is really like in Japan! So I was glad having a Japanese Teriyaki Don (with few vegetables and pieces of Tamagoyaki) here again^o^
Teriyaki Don
I hope to keep these holiday feelings over the next days, too, because on Wednesday I will tell my holiday stories to my old collegues and from Thursday to Sunday I will visit the Book Fair in Frankfurt where I meet my Korean friend again! So I keep staying in East Asia in some way^.~

I will tell about the Book Fair in my next post!

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