November 14, 2014

Book Fair Franfurt ~ Exhibitor Days

The International Book Fair in Frankfurt took place from 8th-12th October. My Korean friend Kim would have her own booth again on the fair and had asked if I could help her out there. I managed to get holidays, so I agreed to be there from Thursday (9th) till Sunday (12th). Beforehand she had sent me an Exhibitor Pass for the Fair, so I needn't buy me an entrance ticket or a train ticket (the use of the trains is included in the Fair Ticket^^v).

For saving money I didn't stay at a hotel but visit my friend in Mainz from Thurday to Saturday. So on the 9th I took the early train from Düsseldorf to Mainz and arrived at his house around 9 am. His grandmother welcomed me warmly and asked me if I still wanted some breakfast but I refused because I have already in the train. I didn't stay long because I wanted to take the 10 o'clock train from Mainz to Frankfurt which took one hour to the Fair.

Everything went well. At first I entered the Fair and went straight to Hall 6.1 (International Hall with countries from East Asia, France & Kanada) where I found Kim at her booth. It was so great to see her again, we haven't seen eath other since my travel to Korea at the end of March this year. So we had a lot to talk about... and not so much time currently^^;
First thing she told me that yesterday her bag was stolen while she arranged the booth (hang on some posters on the wall etc.) so she was happy that I will be there now to take care of the booth while she wants to have some meetings. I was really shocked and we found out later that it also happened to other people in the hall >.<
So Kim's first day just consisted of running to different places, making phone calls and get a new passport from the embassy. So no time for real business...
So I took care of the booth while she was happy to catch a meeting in the afternoon. Kim is working for a translation company and also offered children's learning books for grammar school (especially for maths and science) from another company. If someone was interested, we had a little chat and I gave away Kim's business card.

me sitting in the booth
When she came back after an hour, she introduced me to a good Japanese friend of hers. She is working for a publishing firm and the two of them also met at the Fair for the first time and have become good friends^^
We arranged to meet eath other for dinner after the fair, I was really happy about it.
Finally Kim and I could talk a bit more about our jobs and what happened the last month. We share so many positive energy and motivation, it's always so bracing talking to her^^

Then I also took a first round through the hall and stopped by the other South Korean booth, by Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I got myself some information sheets especially from Japan and I also collect some material for Kim who hasn't managed to take a look around so far.

Hong Kong
Then at 5 pm many people gathered at the Singapore booth which was just diagonally opposite to us. Kim told me that in the last few years, they liked to give some kind of party and buffet to the exhibitors and she was right: they had prepared a great Singaporian buffet for everybody with a great variation of warm and cold food and drinks (soft drinks, wine and beer). It was amazing O.o
I couldn't resist and taste some things. The beef curry was great, also some marinated chicken and I loved the chocolate cake *_* When Kim saw my plate, she couldn't resist either and had to try, too XD
Singapore brownie with a raspberry^^
A few minutes later Kim's friend arrived and we tried to get to the taxi stand. It was easy to get a taxi but the traffic was awful >.< It took quite some time to get to the Korean restaurant in the inner city where Kim has made a reservation.
The restaurant was called 'Mr. Lee' XD A nice Korean man who already knew Kim because she goes there every year after the Fair.
She recommend to share a Kimchi pancake and Bulgogi (she also knows that I love Bulgogi = marinated beef with onions fried in a hot pan). I must say I have eaten better Bulgogi than that but it was good and everybody was full atferwards.

Kim, her friend & me^^
Kimchi pancake & starters  Bulgogi
I was asked many things about my travels to Korea and Japan, both of them were really interested^^
Finally we went back to the main station and said goodbye till tomorrow. I was happy to arrive in Mainz again and get some more sleep tonight...


The next day I had breakfast with my friend's grandmother together (he would be arriving just that day) before I departed around half past 9. When I arrived at the Fair I started in Hall 8 this time. It was my first visiting Hall 8, it's also an International Hall with British publishers and from the American continent. I checked some stands for Kim and stopped by the Konfuzius Institut. It's an institut especialized on Chinese language and culture (I wondered why they weren't in Hall 6). I talked a lot with the guy from the Institut. He was as much in love with China as I am with Japan, it was very interesting to share some experiences. He also convinced me that a visit to China could be worth a travel because he praised the beautiful landscape and the kindness of the people.
They also sold really cute panda plush toys, so I had to buy one X3

Chinese Panda^.^
Aorund noon I met with Kim again, so that she could go to meeting. One hour later we changed again because I liked to visit a cooking show in the Gourmet Gallery in Hall 3. It was about Indonesian Cuisine. The cook had been in Germany for a few years and was really addicted to German Grey bread *lol* But he explained very well and it was interesting to watch him. I also arrived in time to get a seat in the first row so I managed to taste everything he cooked^.^
He made a soup, fish balls, marinated beef and a salad with peanut dressing. Everything tasted really great!

time for cooking^o^
When I came back to Kim, she had a conversation with another Korean woman. She introduced me to Mrs. Han who lives in Cologne. She was really fascinated of my passion for Korea and gave me her business card, too, because she likes to meet me. She gives seminars in Korean culture and business and wants to show me some ideas. That was really nice and I am sure to write her when I am back home^^

Finally Kim and I had some time to talk and I showed her my photo book from my Korea travel. She was totally impressed and asked me if I could give her this copy. I was very surprised but of course I couldn't refuse. She was really excited to show it to her collegues and the children's to whom she teaches English. She liked it to see how a German saw Korea and also asked me to write some reports for a Korean Tourism organization with which she works together. I like that idea and maybe I will give it a try.

Then her Japanese friend from yesterday came by and told Kim about an interesting appointement she should take part in. So I said she should leave and I took care of the booth again.

When the Fair was about to close, we met again and Kim wanted to invite me for a Korean dinner again. This time we took the train to the main station and found the restaurant on a street where many foreign restaurants were settled. I have to keep that in mind^^
The restaurant looked nice though I was shocked about the prices of the menue >.<
It was hard to decide for something but I wanted to eat fish today. Kim convinced to try Korean mackerel and it wasn't a bad choice. The fish was perfectly grilled and tasted very good *_*
She chose for a spicy beef stew which was also pretty good.

starters & grilled mackerel
In the restaurant Korean TV was also running. But there weren't good news because the newsreader told about another missile test from North Korea >.< We were worried what South Korea would do now...
But nevertheless we had a nice evening and departed at the station again.

I was happy to meet my friend in Mainz this evening because we had to talk a lot XD
If he hadn't had a job interview tomorrow, he would have accompany me to the fair, what a pity U.U
But so I had another great day^__^

The weekend I will have more time for myself because Saturday and Sunday is also open for the public and some of my friends will come for a visit. I'm looking forward to meet them X3
But that report will come in the next post!

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  1. Wow~ was für ein ausführlicher post! Super interessant, was du alles erlebt hast!!! Und wen du alles getroffen hast...
    Langsam baust du richtige connections auf!!! Und wenn du dann den Report für das Tourismus-Center schreibst, ergibt sich vllt. noch ne neue Perspektive für dich!!! Neeee... ich weiß, du willst ja den Beruf nicht wechseln XD
    Freu mich schon auf den nächsten post <3 <3 <3