December 7, 2014

Book Fair Frankfurt ~ Public Days

On Saturday (11th October) I arrived at the Fair again around half past 11 and meet my friend Kim at her booth. My friend Lynn from Stuttgart wanted to meet me in one hour, so I had some time with Kim because her next meeting would also be at 2 o'clock. I supposed Lynn to meet at the booth because I also wanted to introduce her to Kim. Lynn is working at a Library in the children's books section, so I thought it would be interesting for both to talk about some business. And the chat was better than I expected, it was really a business meeting XD Lynn could gave her quite good tips and they exchanged their business email-adress to have further communication. I was impressed and felt like doing a good job for them both^^v

our group sitting in the booth

Lynn and I stayed together at the booth while Kim went to her next meeting, so we had time for chatting. Kims Korean friend (who lives in Germany now) also stayed at the booth and checked some books. While I was reporting my last travel to Japan to Lynn, he interrupted surprisingly and asked me if I write travel books O.o
What an idea. But he liked the way I was talking about it and suggested that maybe I should give it try. Really? But when I told Kim, she also liked the idea O.o So maybe another idea to consider in the future...

After Kim had returned, Lynn and I left the booth and went to the inner court of the Fair. Outside were also many people because there were also many interesting things to look: The Paddington Bear (Bus) and the Finnish Library Bus (Finnland was special guest of the Fair).
Of course outside was the place most of the cosplayers were gathering, so Lynn and I hoped to find some other friends there. We separated and soon and I met my friend Kirschu who was cosplaying 'Little Witch' with her friend Regi. So was the photographer XD It's always fun making a cosplay photo session.
I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures outside >.<

After we finished I accompanied Kirschu to another group of her friends and I was surprised to meet some people I already know, too. The world is really a village *lol*
We spend the afternoon together and this day I left with Kirschu and her group because of us would overnight at her friend's Mara's place. And what a travel. We had to wait one hour for the train, change trains in nowhere and ended up behind nowhere where Mara's father fetched us at the station. But that was not the end because they live in a Forsthouse in the middle of a forest. Quite an adventure XD
We planned to watch a DVD that evening but Mara didn't found the one, so we decided for the movie 'Dogma' but we were all so tired that we broke up in the middle of the movie and went to bed XD
The next morning Mara surprised us with totally great pancakes for breakfast *_*
She made so many that we could take some in a lunchbox to the fair.
We left quite early that morning to catch our train, change trains again and get back to civilization XD

At the fair we separated because I wanted to greet Kim at first again. But I didn't stay long because she also wanted to take a look around, so I checked out Hall 5 (International Hall) where Middle Asian countries and North European countries had their booth but also international working instituts. I had an interesting talk with someone from the German Institut for culturel exchange, he gave me the last magazines of their institut for free (normally they cost 7,50 €!), that was nice^.^
Directly opposite were the so called 'World Stage' situated where interviews and screenings were held or political movies were shown. I stayed there to watch a movie about the growing city/state of Singapore. It was really amazing and I think it would be interesting to visit. So the next travel destination on my list^^

Movie screening 'Singapore'

I knew that Kim would leave early today to catch her flight back to Korea, so I stayed with her the last hour and helped her packing up the things of the booth. I will really miss her but at the latest we will meet again on the next Book Fair in Frankfurt!
I said goodbye to her and met my friends Kirschu and Sato at the Inner court again. Both were cosplaying today again but everybody was so exhausted of the two days (and me of four XD) that we just sat down, chat a little and tried not to fall asleep.

Unfortunately I took a late train back home >.<
But the ride was quite funny. First the conductor said that the train had some damagaes: the seat reservations couldn't be displayed, the fridge in the bistro wasn't working and the toilets in car no. 24-26 weren't working either... so we were all happy that the train itself was running *lol*
And finally I arrived safely and in time in Düsseldorf^^

It was a great weekend and give me much motivation for my further plans...

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