December 28, 2014

Weekend in Berlin ~ christmas markets and Japanese okonomiyaki X3

Last weekend I visited my friends in Berlin! My friend Lau and I love christmas markets but we are quite alone with this passion, so I decided to come along and we went to some Christmas Markets together in Friday.
The weather was cloudy and windy but quite mild for this season and we were lucky to have no rain when we were outside. We started our round trip at the 'Gendarmenmarkt'. It's a nice plaza and there was a kind of antique markets, so they had very nice stands^.^
I also liked the christmas lights in the trees!

christmas market 'Gendarmenmarkt'

Most interesting were the stands with funny christmas tree bowls. They had nearly everything: cakes, cats, soccer balls, melons, Buckingham Palace, Eifel Tower, dinosaurs, mushrooms u.v.m. and shiny and glitering colours. I loved the Japanese looking strawberry cake X3

so cute X3
For warming up a bit Lau and I had a soup for Lunch. One stand sold different kinds of healthy soups and we chose the pumpkin-mango-sweet potatoe - soup which was super delicious!

soups with bread and oil
Afterwards we took the train to Berlin-Charlottenburg. First we stopped by the J-Store for making purikura as always XD (I have no photos, but Lau blogged the purikua --> Lau paint the sky with stars)
The we checked the stands on the 'Wilmersdorfer Straße' before going by bus to Charlottenburg Castle where a great Christmas Market was held. The Castle would also be enlightened by night. We strolled around the place and there were also very nice stands. The coolest was the one selling 'voodoo puppets' with TV series characters like The Simpsons, Star Wars and many others XD
We also longed for something sweet to eat and drink this time. While Lau preferred 'Quarkbällchen' (or in Berlin it's named 'Qaurkkeulchen') I had a crêpe with Nutella (Nought and hazelnut creme) and Baileys *_* that's the best combination!!
Afterwards we had a Hot Baileys! I've never seen it before but it was super delicious! It's also a good idea to warm it up at home on cold days X3 (I like to have a bottle at home *hehe*)

hot Baileys (for me without cream)
We also enjoyed the castle illumation. The colours were changing every few minutes and christmas greeting were spotted on the main castle building in different languages^^

Charlottenburg Castle in blue

After seeing all the lights we returned to 'Alexanderplatz'  where some more christmas markets are situated. We walked the Red City Hall; the christmas market was already much more crowded and more 'typical german' with many food and drink stands. But the ferris wheel was enlightened in a nice way^^

TV Tower Alexanderplatz
Ferris Wheel

At last we strolled a bit over the market at Alexanderplatz and had a last drink. I finally had a Lumumba again and we found Lau's favourite drink: a Lambada (cocoa with amaretto)
We were sitting opposite to a big department store which was also enlightened with christmas greetings and pictures from different countries. There were also greetings in Japanese and Korean this time^.^
"Merry Christmas" X3
Then it was time to go home XD


The next day we met our friend Kiki and went to an okonomiyaki restaurant for lunch together^^
It was my first time there. It is a nice little restaurant where you can choose from three different versions of okonomiyaki and different toppings (like cheese, spring onions, bacon and so on).
While Kiki and Lau had a classic okonomiyaki, I tried the one with soy-sour topping. It was okay but the classic versions tastes better (the third version was a Korean style okonomiyaki with spicy Kimchi by the way) and I must say that the ones I ate in Japan tasted better^^; (though these were also made by a Japanese)

okonomiyaki & green tea
the menue
the interior
the entrance
Atferwards we wanted to try out the Matcha Café 'Mamecha' but by the time we arrived there it was full and other people were already waiting for a seat. So we had to leave and went to a 'normal' Café for having cake & coffee.
I had a Latte Macciatto with hazelnut and a 'Zupfkuchen'. It tasted great but the waitor was such an idiot... >.<

coffee and sweets X3

But we chatted a lot and returned home when it was already dark.
I really like Berlin for its many nice places. Next time I have to try out the Matcha Café for sure!
And next time will be: Silvester!
So Gals, I'm coming again soon^o^

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