March 22, 2015

Visit Harry Potter [Exhibition] in Cologne & [Café] Relax in Duesseldorf

On the last weekend in February my friend Kirschu visited me because we wanted to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Cologne together. Sunday was the last of the Exhibition and it was sold out for day tickets. We had already bought online tickets for entrance at 12 pm.
Before entering the exhibition the visitors could be photographed and later buy the picture with a background of your choice as a souvenir. Of course Kirschu and I posed for a photo - also with wands given by the staff X3
we in front of the different backrounds (collage made by Kirschu)
The Exhibition started with - what else - the Speaking Hat. Kirschu was one to try it one and she was lucky because she was put in Ravenclaw, the house she wanted XD
Afterwards we entered a room with alle the English movie avertisements and a little trailer was shown before entering platform 9 3/4. Passing the train we entered the Exhibition hall. Different locations and costumes were presented with information given in German next to them. I liked the Quidditch stuff and you could even try throwing the Quidditch balls through the rings, that was fun *lol*
The Dark Forest was really creapy so we were glad to enter the Great Hall^^
playing Quidditch
Weasley's sweets
It was no big Exhibition but well made and presented, we liked the stuff and I think we made photos of everything XD
I was positively surprised and even after being in the Exhibition in London we must say that is was worth the visit^^

In the afternoon we returned to Duesseldorf and visit the Japanese Café Bar Relax on the Immermannstaße. It was perfect time for coffee so we enjoyed a coffee speciality and a Japanese Honey Toast. Kirschu chose the Toast with vanilla ice cream, Banana and chocolate sauce and I tried the Matcha Toast with Azuki beans and Honey, it was just great *_*
Honey Toasts^o^
We chatted so long that we also stayed there for a little dinner. Kirschu wanted to try the pumpkin korokke so badly *lol* and I took the chance to try the takoyaki^.^
Both was really delicous! At last we also had a cocktail as a finish. Kirschu took the cocktail of the day: Vodka Tropical (Vodka with citrus and mince) and I couldn't resist and tasted the Matcha Milk with Vodka. It didn't taste much like alcohol but I love Matcha Milk^o^
our cocktails
It was the perfect end for a really wonderful day. And I must say that I totally like the Café Relax! It's always great to be there and it always reminds me of some Cafés in Osaka X3

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