March 6, 2015

cookbook challenge: fish curries with egg noodles

Salmon-Coconut-Curry with egg noodles

Ingredients (4 portions)
400 g salmon filets, sliced in dices
1 leeks, sliced in rings
1 onion, sliced in small dices
1 red chili pod, sliced in rings
2 stems lemon grass, sliced in rings
20 g ginger
2 tbp oil
2 tsp yellow curry paste
400 ml coconut milk
salt and sugar
1-2 tbs oyster sauce
200 g Chinese egg noodles


Heat oil in a pan and cook onion, chili and ginger. Add Lauch and lemon grass, stir in the curry paste and add coconut milk. Taste with salt and let everything cook for 3-4 minutes. Add salmon, taste curry with sugar and oyster sauce and let it cook for another 3 minutes.

Cook the noodles and divide them into two bowls. Arrange the curry over it.

Fish Curry with Shiitake

Ingredients (4 portions)
400 g fish filets (I used Lake Victoria perch), sliced in dices
150 g Chinese egg noodles
120 g Shiitake
1 red chili pepper, sliced in rings
1 tbs oil
2 tbs red curry paste
½ l fish fond
400 ml coconut milk
1 tsp raising flour
salt – 2 tbs fish sauce
juice of 1 lemon


Heat oil in a pan and fry the Shiitake shortly. Add curry paste, fish fond and coconut milk and let it cook. Add fish and let everything cook for 2-3 minutes on middle heat.

Stir in raising flour, Thicken the curry with it. Taste with salt, fish sauce and lemon juice. Add the cooked noodles and heat them up. Dredge curry with the chili rings and coriander if you like.

These curries were surprisingly good. The sauces tasted fresh and spicy.

I made both recipes with Lake Victoria perch and soba noodles but it was also a great combination. I think you can try it with other fish as well. And normally I prefer rice to curry but here I must confess that noodles match better!^^

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