May 5, 2015

Japanese Garden & Japantown San Francisco

The next day atfer the boot trip we visited the Golden Gate Park where also is a Japanese Garden situated. The entrance fee was 8 $ but we decided to enter. The weather was sunny and the air fresh so it was the perfect weather for a garden walk. And the Japanese garden was really beautiful! Very green with a nice little choice of flower in between and a lake in the middle where some kois were at home. We found also a buddha statue made of stone and passes through some orange tori gates and ended up a small pagoda in the heart of the garden. We enjoyed the view and the calm atmosphere and took a break in the warming sun.

tea house in the garden
gate & pagoda in the middle of the garden
Lau and I sitting on a strange bridge X3
Before leaving we also strolled through the souvenir shop which sold typical Japanese things.
We also entered the restrooms... which were in bad conditions we had to recognize surprisingly, It seems they weren't cleaned regularly what was kind of embrassing because you pay an entrance fee for the garden which is otherwise well taken care of.

We strolled through the Golden Gate Park back to the bus station which should take us back downtown where we wanted to visit Japantown again to enjoy this place while we expected it to be empty. And it was! Almost nobody was there^^; that was quite chilling *lol*

After the walk in the parks we were pretty hungry and we longed for some sweets for lunch. Lau looked forward to try out Tapioka Milk Tea with cotton candy because she saw many people walking around with it on the day of the festival but was too lazy to get in line that day because it was just too crowded. But today nobody was there and Lau was very happy with her choice^^
I longed for a Japanese crepe like the ones you get in Harajuku X3 And the choice was awesome! They even make crepe with Matcha pastry *_* so I got a Matcha crepe with Matcha icecream, strawberries, cream and choco chips X3 They even made up a sweet face on the wrapped crepe that was so cute^.^

my matcha crepe X3

the crepe shop
We were totally happy afterwards! And before we started our 'shopping tour' then we entered the Pikapika Land again to take some purikura before having some bags to carry around. Of course it was empty, too, and we used the Lumi-3-machine again. We really like the shots it takes^^

First searched the shop 'MaruQ', Lau wanted to take a look around there because it sells Japanese Gyaru brands like Liz Lisa. It was situated in a complex building next to the West Mall on the 1st floor. It was nice and of course empty XD So Lau took her time and tried some things on. She also bought a Liz Lisa top and chatted a lot with the staff member. (I don't like the brands they had there so I was just sitting on the sofa watching Lau shopping XD)

me and the pink Liz Lisa pillow^^;
On the 2nd floor was also a lolita shop but not interesting for us. The Café on the ground floor looked also pretty cute but we were still so full from our sweet lunch that we didn't take a break there.

sweet Café
We also visited the Daiso again in the East Mall to get some final things and then we had another round Purikura *lol*
This time we tried an older machine but the pictures were not so good and the choice of decoration was bad, too U.U
Exhausted from strolling around the whole day we chose a traditional Japanese restaurant for dinner. The speciality was ramen, udon and donburi, so just perfect for us^^
Lau chose Tempura Udon while I had Unagi Don (eel on rice) *_* we were totally happy, it was just perfect *o*

traditional restaurant 'Mifune' / my dinner^^

This was the end of a perfect day and also of our visit to San Francisco. The next day we took the bus back to L.A.
Bye bye!

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