May 6, 2015

Japanese Strawberry Cake


My friend Kiki from Berlin had birthday last month and she came for visit last weekend, so I wanted to make her a late birthday cake. She doesn't like sweets very much, so the cake had to be less sweet. And she loves strawberries and of course Japan like me so I decided to make a Japanese strawberry cake^__^
Anyway I have had the plan to make this cake for some time now and this was just the perfect occasion. 
Normally it's a christmas cake in Japan but because now it's strawberry time in Germany it makes a good spring cake here^^v

And it's easier to make than I thought O.o
I just had to make a bisquit of rice flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs oil and water, cut the baked bisquit into to layers and make a strawberry cream with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and sugar. Of course I reduced the sugar but it was sweet and fruity enough because of the strawberries. Then the cake is covered with sweetened whipped cream and you can decorate it the way you want. I just put some cream topping and strawberries on top. I refridged it overnight and then it was just perfect^_^

strawberry cake is ready^o^

bon appetit^^
Kiki was totally happy and me too of course,we totally enjoyed it X3
It's really a good celebration cake and I am sure to make it again^^

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