June 2, 2015

Anime- & Manga Convention with Cosplay and bento picnic

Two weeks ago some friends visited me because the Anime- & Manga-Convention Dokomi was held in Düsseldorf. We visit this convention every year and again we planned some cosplays for the weekend.

On Saturday my friends Kirschu, Lynn and I cosplayed characters from Ouran High School Host Club. Kirschu was Haruhi, Lynn Kyoya (always the guy with glasses *lol*) and I was Tamaki. I like him but I’m not so good in being stupid in love^^;
Nevertheless we had pretty much fun. Our friend Lau from Berlin joined us as Ran from Super Gals in a short, beautiful Yukata dress^.^
Kyoya, Haruhi & Tamaki ^-^
The weather was nice and next to the convention hall is a huge park located which also contains a little Japanese garden. So I decided to make bentos for us and have a picnic. Of course everyone helped me with the preparation (otherwise I would have needed the whole day to peel and cut everything^^;) and I filled up my two big bento boxes X3

Sakura bento box:
1st layer: cooked sushi rice with different fillings: tuna-mayo, pumpkin & tamagoyaki
2nd layer: sweet potatoe salad & sprouts salad

square bento box:
1st layer: kinpira (with carrots & zucchini), teriyaki chicken & tamagoyaki
2nd layer: tomatoes, physalis & sliced apple

I was really satisfied and everyone loved it; I’m so proud X3
So we had a great day!

Sunday was even sunnier than yesterday. Lynn and I finally managed to wear our cosplays from the Kobato series (by Clamp). Lynn was Kobato in her summer dress while I wear my Kohaku cosplay again. She even made a Ioryogi-san Plushie^.^

Kobato & Kohaku
It was so great and the park was just a perfect location for making nice photos!
Lau cosplayed a character from Record of Loddoss and Kirschu was ‘Milk’ XD It’s a food gijinka from an artist who was also at the convention. They had a great group of her characters, that was funny^^

Of course I couldn’t resist and make bentos for everyone again X3
This time everyone get her own box – so this weekend I could use almost every box I have *lol*
I had some kinpira and pumpkin left and I made tamagoyaki again. In the 2nd layer everyone got some tuna-mayo rice again. For myself I made a bento with vegetarian curry and rice and put the rest of the tomatoes and physalis’ in the other layer.
So lunchtime was always great X3

Because of the nice weather we stayed pretty long in the garden before heading back home and make ourselves ready to get into town to have dinner in our favourite Japanese restaurant (unfortunately I didn’t make pictures there >.<): Café Bar Relax!
Lau and I shared a portion of Takoyaki and a Matcha Honey Toast*_*
Kirschu decided for a Honey Toast with banana and vanilla icecream and Lynn ordered Takoyaki and a miso soup. Unfortunately the miso soup was never brought >.< (it was late and the kitchen already closed for new orders, so I think they just forgot though we ordered just in time)

We had a wonderful weekend! I hope to have more spring weekends for having another picnic with self-made bentos^.^

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