August 24, 2015

restaurant 'Korea-Haus' (Korea House) in Duesseldorf

The Saturday before last a colleague visited Duesseldorf, so we met for a little shopping in the afternoon. For dinner we had reserved a table at a Korean restaurant I wanted to try out. We both love Korean food so that was the perfect chance!

The restaurant is named ‘Korea-Haus’ (Korea House) and situated in the Bismarckstraße near Duesseldorf Main Station. The street looks kind of shabby and we passed two other Korean restaurants as well, so I was really curious what it would be like. The outer appearance was okay though the restaurant is opposite to a game hall and a sex shop^^;

restaurants' window

But we were friendly welcomed at once and brought to our table. The interior looked very nice. All tables are fitted with a modern Korean BBQ grill inside on side of the tabletop.

interior 1
interior 2

The menu was also quite impressive. They had the typical salads like spinach salad and Kimchi, starters like Korean pancakes and mandu (fried buns filled with chicken and vegetables), dishes for the grill, main dishes (pan fried meals), hot pods and Korean meals served on hot iron plates. It was really to decide for something^^;

My colleague loves Mandu, so she ordered one plate. We get it along with typical Korean side dishes served with every main dish. I liked the choice, especially the fried potatoes and the marinated tofu^^

As main dish we ordered Bulgogi (marinated beef with some vegetables for the grill) served with salad leaves and a spicy tofu hot pod (it’s called tofu hot pod but it also contained pork meat^^;). Of course you get a metal bowl of rice along with it.

Everything was soooo delicious, I was really overwhelmed. We made a good choice with the restaurant and the food!

starters & bulgogi in the grill
hot pod

The staff was also very kind and the restaurant was visited by many people of every age. I can really recommend it and I am sure that I will visit again^__^

Afterwards we stopped by the Chinese Asia Market to buy some stuff. My colleague recommended Ginger Beer to me. I didn’t like the idea because I don’t like beer but she said though it’s called beer it is a lemonade (non-alcoholic). So I give it a try and took two cans for us. At home I put it in the ice box for some time for having a cold taste. I was really curious and positively surprised! If you like ginger, this lemonade tastes awesome and is really refreshing! So I think I will enjoy it again^__^

can of ginger beer^^

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