September 5, 2015

At Tomomis' place Day 0 ~ sleeping and shopping

On Thursday my next Japan journey started. This time I departed from Frankfurt International Airport directly to Kansai Airport (Osaka). I will spend three weeks in Japan again^.^
But the flight was quite exhausting. This time I went by Lufthansa again. Flying alone is quite boring and I felt a little sick again. So I just watched movies and TV series, sleeping was not an option. But the food was pretty good this time. I got a nice Japanese dish (beef with vegetable and rice, green tea noddles and salad) and afterwards a cup of Bailey's^.^

Lufthansa Terminal at Frankfurt
flights' dish
I was really glad when I arrived though I felt kind of dead.
The first week I will spend at my friends' Tomomi's house in Sakurai (Nara prefecture). But because I arrived so early in the morning they couldn't fetch me this time. So I had to take the bus to Yamato Yagi Station which is an hour drive from Kansai airport. After an 12 hour flight that was quite exhausting but I was glad to see Tomomi's mother at the station to fetch me up.

view out of the bus at the airport (sitting first row^^v)
I was so dizzy, so I had to sleep at once I arrived. I am so happy to be here again! I also got the same room like last time. So I took a necessary two hour sleep and when I came back downstairs, mother had just lunch ready^.^
Afterwards I felt much better. Then I helped her with the shopping, we had to buy things for dinner, cat food and ice cream. She also remembered my faible for Matcha so she also bought me some Matcha sweets and ice cream X3
Matcha chocolates, cookies & Baumkuchen^.^
My friend Tomomi had to work so she arrived late in the evening. 
The family spend the evening watching TV (I saw a volleyball game of the Japanese national women team X3 and even a report about Germany) and chatting. I also gave my gifts from Germany to them. Everyone felt really happy^.^
Tomorrow I will spend the day with her parents because she has to work on Saturday, too. But I am sure I will a nice day again^-^

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