September 8, 2015

At Tomomi's place Day 1 ~ Ninja House in Ida

Hello again!

On Saturday my friend Tomomi had to work unfortunately but her parents took good care of me. They decided to drive to Ida by car and show me a Ninja House. In Ueno Park in Ida you can visit a Ninja House where they introduces a Ninja's life. How the house is contructed, what weapons and techniques they used and how their daily life was supposed to be. It was really interesting! After visiting the house we also watched the Ninja show on stage where they showed and explained Ninjas' fighting techniques. That was amazing and they also put many sound effects into it, so it was like in the movies and really funny!

It was also very nice for chuldren. Tomomi's mother and I also made a picture as a 'Ninja family' *lol* (Tomomi's father made the photo and printed it for me^.^)

Ninja familiy picture XD
In the park is also Ida Castle so we visited it as well. While walking to the castle we passed by a Kendo contest in the park. We watched a little bit because I never saw it like this and it was pretty amazing. Though I didn't understand when they got a point^^'

Ida Castle is just a small one but very beautiful. From the top floor you have a good view over the area. 

The entrance fee also included the visit of a little museum which shows tradional feast wagons. I love that, it also reminded me of the festival in Takayama visited last year^^ 

Finally we had lunch (thoug ist was already 3 pm). Tomomi's mother thought as a funny idea to go to a running sushi restaurant. I didn't mind and it was really interesting. It is very different from the ones I know from Germany. You order via computer or can take plates from the belt. Ordered dishes are on special plates and the computer gives an alarm when your plate is about to arrive. Evetything was very hightech.
The menue consists of many kinds of nigiri sushi (from fish to meat, some were also kind of american style) but also sidedishes like edamame and karaage, also ramen and udon could be ordered and of course desserts like purin (japanese pudding) and cakes. Finally everything is paid by the number and colour of plates.
It was very delicicous but because I prefer vegetarian maki sushi I didn't eat many sushi^^'

It was a really nice trip!
Back home we just relaxed and because of jetlag I was also pretty tired. The next three days I can spend with Tomomi because she got free days! *yippie*

[sorry that I can't show any photos. I made them with my camera without sd cart and I didn't take the connecting cable with me, so I can show the photos only when I get back home U.U]

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