September 9, 2015

At Tomomi's place Day 2 ~ Totsukawa

This day my friend Tomomi wanted to show a bit of her area and suggested to drive to Totsukawa where there is a hanging bridge to walk over the valley.It's called Tanize no Tsuribashi, it is 297,7 m long and 54 m above the ground. You walk on wooden boards and when more people are walking over it, it even starts so shake. It was pretty scary but we walked over it and return. I survived it *yatta*
It was really cool though it was raining all the time. And I am proud of myself that I really managed to do it^^v

bridge in the misty mountains
me in the middle of the bridge (on return)
For lunch we drove the back to town and Tomomi took me to a little market place where there is a restaurant which sells special Hamburger. She likes the fish burger there named Sakura ayu burger (Sakura ayu is the name of the fish). Of course it can't be compared to American burgers! It was really delicious and you get lovely messages with your meal^.^
We shared one burger. As main dish she chose kinokodon while I enjoyed my first katsudon here again. Super delicious!

fish burger
katsudon with miso soup
Afterwards we went a bit shopping. I wanted to have a hair straightener because German devices don't work here. In the first shop the one I wanted was sold out >.< (how can such a thing be sold out?!) But the second try was a success and it was even cheaper than in the first shop!
Then we also went to supermarket because I liked to buy some things I want to take back to Germany. In Germany everything costs double or more!

Finally we returned home and watched the next volleyball game together X3
Thoug it was almost raining all day we really made the best out of it!
Tomorrow we want to go the Ise. I want to visit that place for a long time now and I am happy that I finally get there^.^

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