September 14, 2015

At Tomomi's place Day 5 ~ relaxing shopping day

On Wednesday Tomomi had to work again and the weather was also not so good, so her mother asked if I wanted to accompany her for her daily shopping. Of course I wanted^^
But first we drove to the station to buy me a bus ticket for tomorrow to get to the airport and fetch Kiki. When that was done we drove the hospital because she wanted to buy medicine for grandfather. I was surprised because the hospital was very small and doesn't look very typical. When you enter you have take off your shoes as well. But the waiting area was very comfortable because they had even sofas to sit on. While we were waiting we looked at some food magazines XD
Afterwards we went shopping at 'Chambre'. It is a kind of allround store where you find clothes, accessory, bath care, stationary, kitchenware and so on. There I bought a cute bento box for my collection X3

my new bento box^.^
Then it was time for lunch. Tomomi's mother suggested to have an all-you-can-eat buffet. And it was amazing they really served many dishes. They had Japanese food but also Italian like pizza and spaghetti. I liked the curry and the pumpkin soup very much^.^
But the desserts were also great *_*
And you could also drink as much as you like, so I had my first coke here and could also drink a coffee with the desserts.

my first plate with mango, fried rice, pumpkin, meat ball, chicken roast, potatoes, salad, tamagoyaki, tempura
my dessert collection: pancakes and soft icecream with chocolate sauce, Matcha cake & two cake pieces
The buffet was limited for 90 minutes but that was absolutely sufficent. We were so full...

Because the weather was getting nice again, she drove with me through the area and we watched the beautiful rice fields. Nara prefecture is really wonderful^.^
But so we were back home in the afternoon and there was nothing much to do. I took a little nap till dinner and waited for Tomomi while watching a volleyball game on TV again.
But such a relaxing day was very nice for a change. I like how they live there and it's sad that I have to leave tomorrow T^T

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