September 14, 2015

Osaka Day 0 ~ Kiki's arrival

On Thursday my friend Kiki from Berlin arrived at Kansai Airport. Somehow...
The scheduled arrival time should be 8:35 h, so I had to get up early to fetch her at the airport. I took the airport bus from Sakurai Station to Kansai Airport. Even the bus was in time and it was a comforbale ride!
Because I had to get up so early, Tomomi's mother gave me a bag with breakfast. She made an onigiri and bought me Matcha Dorayaki^.^

breakfast: onigiri & Matcha dorayaki
At the airport I got the first shock: new arrival time was 10:49 h! What the hell?! And now it was just a few minutes past 9...
I could have slept longer T.T
But I felt also sorry for Kiki because her original Lufthansa flight was cancelled because of strike and now delay... she has really no karma for travelling^^;

We were really happy when we arrived at our hotel in Shinsaibashi. First we took a little nap because we were both so tired. Because Kiki also felt sick, we stayed at our room that day. I dind't mind because it was raining the rest of the day and I was just happy to see her again. So our holidays can start tomorrow^^

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