September 17, 2015

Osaka Day 1 ~ Shinsaibashi

As usual we spend our first day in Osaka with shopping in Shinsaibashi. After the long-awaited breakast in our Café Break we went to the OPA to take a first look...
But nothing was there! The 2nd and 3rd floor were almost empty! We were pretty shocked. Some shops followed but our favourite shops were gone like Garula and Cecil McBee. Of course we took a look around in the other shops but really... it was just 50% left and one floor was only swimming clothes. That was just disappointing U.U
So we left and went down Shinsaibashi-suji, the long shopping street of the area. Here seemed everything like usual... just that the Cecil McBee store here was also gone >.<
I looked so much forward to go there... I could cry in that moment. Because of the shock we had our first coffee break, fortunately the Excelsior Café was still there *yatta*

What should we do? So we just walked the whole street and also passed the Glico Man again (finally it's Glico MAN again, last time it was a girl XD)^^

Glico Man of Shinsaibashi
Then we looked around ebisubashi-suji till we reached Namba. That was that...
But then I saw the Tower Records store of Osaka, so we decided to enter and look for CDs from Golden Bomber, Guild and some other bands. This Tower Record store is pretty small in comparison to Tokyo but nevertheless I bought the new album of Golden Bomber (No music no weapon) and Kiki also got the album, the new single and a DVD of Golden Bomber's singer Kiryuuin Shou which I found surprisingly.
They had also the latest CDs of Guild and even a cool poster of them was hanging there^.^
The guys sheared us up a bit.

Golden Bomber & Guild CDs
cool Guild poster
After this first shopping success we decided to go back to the OPA because we saw some nice pullover there. Now we were in a good mood to try some things on. And we were successful again: I bought a black-striped white pullover at Egoist and Kiki got a brown pullover from Gyda. 

For dinner we were looking forward to visit our favourite restaurant again where Kiki loves the Ebi fri set XD
I chose dinner set C: ebi fri, korokke and hamburger with salad, rice and miso soup. It was totally delicous *_*
But everything makes so full!!

dinner set C ^.^
So in the end it was quite a successful day. After dinner we strolled back to Shinsaibashi bridge and enjoyed the atmosphere but there were no good-looking guys around this time *lol*

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