September 17, 2015

Osaka Day 2 ~ Golden Bomber concert 1st day

Yeah, on Saturday we visitied the long awaited Golden Bomber concert! We took our time to make ourselves ready before going to Osaka-jo hall^o^
We were really excited! In front of the hall were already many people gathering. It was hot like hell and almost everybody tried to get a shadowy place^^;
Of course we had to take some photos of cosplayers around and of ourselves because we wore our German Dirndl again and prepared a 'Doitsu love Golden Bomber' Germany flag^o^

Kiki & me with our Germany flag^^
Kiki needed a picture with a cool Kiryuuin Shou while I found a tall, male Kenji and a cute Jun with Sasuke Yutaka *o*
Shou & Kiki
me & 'Kenji' ^.^
Yutaka, me & Jun ^.^
That was very cool. Even a Yutaka in tutu (outfit of the last tour) was there, that was so cute X3

Kiki & me with tutu Yutaka^^
Finally we stood in line to get some tour goods. We wanted to have a towel to be prepared for appropiate furis and a tour t-shirt we wanted to wear the next day. But we hadn't had good timing because the line was so crowded... it took us have an hour to get our things^^; (and we were standing in the sun almost the whole time...)

waiting line for the tour goods
We were glad when we entered the hall. But then we had the next challenge: finding our places. On the tickets were just a number and no block or row so we were quite confused. Because the stauff couldn't speak English we had real problems to find our places but finally someone brought us there... in the last row behind the stands. We had no seats, we had to stand there like people who came to late or something like this. And we paid 7000 Yen for the tickets like everyone else! We were totally shocked and when the concert started we could hardly see a thing >.<

The concert itself was great but the stress and anger about the standing places really reduced the joy about seeing Golden Bomber after a year again.
And tomorrow will be the same again. But now we know what will be in store for us so we will make the best out of it. But it is really disappointing...

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