September 18, 2015

Osaka Day 3 ~ Golden Bomber concert 2nd day

This day was the second Golden Bomber concert in Osaka-jo hall. This time we arrived a bit earlier to enjoy the atmosphere in front of the hall and to enter more punctually than yesterday to get better standing places (yesterday we already checked out where to see best).
Today were not so many cool cosplayers around but we saw a great group from the gay drama of 2014. Even a Kenji as magic tree was part of it XD
Kiki also liked a Shou from the Shinda tsuma ni niteiru PV, so we took a picture also together with a Jun in silvester outfit. Unfoturnately there was no group from the bubble soccer game last year, just a Kiri Yona, so Kiki wanted a picture with her as well (and her friend was cosplaying Kenji). I liked the group in the outfits of the new album. Unfortunetely there was no Kenji U.U (but who can cosplay him with his shaved hair...)

gay drama group of 2014's tour
Kiki with Shou & Jun
Kiki with Kiri Yona & Kenji
Golden Bomber in the new album outfits
Inside the hall we took our places and were even lucky because the two seats in front of us weren't taken. So today we could see everything and had much space to dance furis^^
So today it was fun though we still can't believe that they sold tickets for such standing places.
But the concert itself was so great, we are happy that we will see them next Sunday in Niigata again^o^ (hopefully with seats nearer to the stage >.<)

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