September 18, 2015

Osaka Day 4 ~ Shinsaibashi again

This day we were pretty lazy. After the concerts we wanted to sleep out today. Because Kiki felt not so good we decided to just stoll around our area. We wanted to look for some nice underwear and Kiki also wanted to shop some other little things like eye lashes and so on.
It was nice to have such a relaxing day after these two nerve-wracking concerts days. At Donki we were very successful with our shopping. Kiki got everything she wanted and I was also riveted by many Matcha sweets and other delicious chocolates sold at the shop *_*
At Donki you really find everything and also for cheap prices!

my sweets collection X3
For dinner we decided to visit our favourite restaurant again^^
Of course Kiki got her Ebi fri set while I tried set B this time XD

B set: fried fish, tonkatsu, hamburger with salad, rice & miso soup^.^
We didn't do much that day but it is just enjoyable to hang around in Shinsaibashi and have fun together^^
We also made some funny video scenes (but nothing to show XP) and catted a lot during our coffee breaks^^

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