September 24, 2015

Osaka Day 5 ~ Hep5 (Umeda) & Okonomiyaki eating

This day we were pretty unmotivated because here in Osaka we haven't slept very well so far...
Originally we planed to visit Arashiyama (Kyoto) but it would took one hour by train and in the evening we wanted to meet my friend Tomomi for dinner, so because it was already almost noon we made some other plans. Because our shopping plans didn't work out till now we decided to go to the Hep5 (we gladly visited in 2011 and 2012) for a change. And that was a pretty good idea. They was still a Cecil McBee store and we bought a lot! Also the staff member was pretty cool. She was friendly and funny and could even speak a bit English. It was totally fun to hang out in the shop^^
I bought to sets (cardigan and shirt) while Kiki bought shoes, a handbag, a dress and a fitting checked shirt. That raised our mood.

Kiki and me with our shop girl^^
We also shopped little thins at 3coins. I wanted white pants for wearing under skrits and black tights. I also found a cute camouflage hair tie^.^
At another shop Kiki also saw camouflage socks, so I had to buy two pairs as well X3

entrance of Hep5

After this successful shopping we decided to head back to our hotel and put down our shopping bags. Because our room was under cleaning when we arrived, we went to our breakfast café and made a coffee break^^
In the afternoon many cafés offer special set prices, so I had a piece of Matcha cake with my cafe latte X3

Matcha Cake
Back at our room Kiki felt so tired that she had to take a nap. Unfortunately it was pretty late afterwards so that it wasn't enough time left to go somewhere else before our meeting with Tomomi^^;
So we just relaxed a bit more and finally went slowly down Shinsaibashi- and Ebisubashi-suji till we arrived at Namba Station where we would fetch Tomomi. We wanted to go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant, so Tomomi lead the way for a restaurant nearby. It was really comfortable and we ordered two different kinds of okonomiyaki^^

our teppanyaki with okonomiyaki
Kiki also wanted Yakisoba and Tomomi ordered fried Gyouza as well for us. Though they were a bit strange because these Gyouza weren't closed^^; but very delicious nevertheless, they were quite spicy X3

open Gyouza
me & Kiki
We talked a lot but around 11 pm Tomomi had to leave. So now I have to wait a couple of month till I will see her again T^T
But it was a great evening, especially for our last day in Osaka. Tomorrow we will leave for Shizuoka^^

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