September 24, 2015

Shizuoka Day 0 ~ Shizuoka 109

After breakfast we fetched our luggage and headed for Osaka Station to get our Japan Rail Pass. From Shin-Osaka we finally took the Hiraki Shinkansen to Shizuoka. We love riding the Shinkansen, it is so comfortable^^
We bought ourselves a bento at the station, so that we could have lunch in the train (many Japanese do so as well). It just took two hours to Shizuoka. Unfortunately it rained when we arrived >.<
But this time we found our hotel easily and it wasn't far away from the station. We will stay two nights at Shizuoka Town Hotel. It is small hotel and some people of the hotel staff can't speak English but they very friendly. Because it was just 3 pm we had to wait one hour till we could check-in. So what should we do in the meantime? Get ourselves umbrellas at the donki on the other side of the street and head for the next coffee shop X3
We passed by a café at the corner of the street so we went there. But I don't like the variety of drinks and my wanted drink (ginger tea latte) was sold out *drop* but it was okay to spend one hour and make plans for the evening.

entrance of the coffee shop
Finally we could check-in and found ourselves in an even smaller room than in Osaka^^;
We had problems to store our luggage... but everything was clean, they had even brought our bags already to our room and it will be okay for two nights. So we prepared us to go checking out the Shizuoka 109 which shouldn't be far away from our hotel.
It was kind of cute XD It has just 5 floors and one floor is almost completely occupied by the 100 Yen shop 'Seria'. But there were many known brands like Cecil McBee, Liz Lisa, Rianda, Egoist and so on. When we went there it was almost completely empty, so it was very relaxing to watch everything^^

Shizuoka 109 at day & at night

Afterwards we found a Tully's Coffee nearby (the café where we always have breakfast in Tokyo), so we made another coffee break. And because it is autumn season now they have again special offer with pumpkin^.^
So Kiki and I tried the new Caramel Pumpkin Latte. It is just awesome *_*

tall caramel pumpkin latte^.^

That was enough the rest of the day and we went back to our hotel. We enjoyed another volleyball game on TV. We really like the guys, two of them are sooo cute X3

our cuties X3

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