September 27, 2015

Shizuoka ~ rainy day

We looked forward to our day in Shizuoka and have some sightseeing for a change. In Shizuoka is a famous temple of the old shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa and the area of the destroyed Sumpo Castle (where Tokugawa used to live).
After breakfast we started our trip but unfortunately it was already raining. Sumpo Castle was near our hotel so we could walk there. The castle was destroyed several times so just the east gate was rebuild. In the building is a museum about the castle now but we didn't want to visit. On the castle is now a beautiful park. Many flowers were arranged because there would be a festival on the upcoming weekend. In the middle of the park is also a great statue of Tokugawa.

Sumpo Castle East Gate
Tokugawa Statue
Because it was still raining we visited the Tully's coffee again to become dry again and warm a little up. But during our stay the rain got even heavier...
It was no use walking around outside, we would just get totally wet, so it wouldn't be fun to climb up the hill to the temple and walk around there. We just strolled around the underground mall and visited the PARCO shopping building. We were surprised to find another Tower Records shop there.
At 'Loft' which is on the highest floor we also found many Funasshi and Star Wars goods but no purikura album for me U.U
So we didn't buy anything today and got a little depressed because of the weather. We just walked up and down the main street afterwards. You find many western fastfood restaurants there (Mc Donalds, Burger King, KFC) and Shizuoka seems to be popular for wedding stuff (dresses and rings). But It was kind of time wasting today...

Shizuoka Shopping Street
So we ended up at our hotel room again. We bought some sandwiches and snacks and made ourselves comfortable to watch the next volleyball game – our light at the end of the tunnel today.

Shizuoka doesn't like us. So we are really happy to leave tomorrow for Tokyo...

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