September 30, 2015

Tokyo Day 0 ~ Harajuku

After breakfast at our hotel we left for Shizuoka station to get to Tokyo. It was nice to have breakfast at the hotel though it was not much. But they offer a good choice of drinks and coffee and could so much as you like. They serves bread, milk pans and croissants with strawberry or blueberry jam. That was all but you could put everything in a little oven – typical japanese XD

breakfast at our hotel
At the station we got a little angry because today the weather was totally nice and even sunny >.<
Shizuoka didn't like us...
For the shinkansen we got ourselves seat reservations and a bento. I had a vegetarian with fried rice with Erbsen and egg and some tsukemono.

my bento
We reached Tokyo in a bit more than one hour^^
We checked-in the Shiba Park Hotel as always and were happy that we could pack some things out for this week. Because it was just early afternoon we decided to visit Harajuku today. There are some things I wanted to buy there. First we visited the Laforet because I wanted to buy a necklace at 'Mint Neko' and I was successful^^v

At Takeshita-dori we visited the goodies shop again where you get charakter goods and so on. But they had no Funasshi stuff this year T.T
But I bought an eyeglasses case of Card Captor Sakura instead^^ (very practical because I forgot mine at home)

eyeglasses case & glasses cloth
When shopping was finished we decided to go back to our hotel already because we didn't want to miss the next volleyball game of our guys X3
So we bought dinner at the family mart and made ourselves comfortable in our room^^

kare raisu and watching TV
Matcha macarons I offered as dessert^^
This was a nice arrival day. Tomorrow Kiki and I will separate, so I guess I will visit Ginza/Shinbashi^^

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