October 2, 2015

Tokyo Day 1 ~ Shibuya & Shinbashi/Ginza

Today Kiki would meet her friend from Tokyo in the afternoon in Shibuya. But we had breakfast and went to Shibuya together to check out Tower Records. Unfortunately we didn't get the Golden Bomber Single of the other members either >.<
But I bought the new mini Album from Guild (CD & DVD) and finally I found CDs from BREAKERZ ^o^ I couldn't resist and bought a Version of the new Album (CD & DVD 2015). Can't wait to hear and watch everything at home^.^

CDs of Guild & BreakZ
Because Kiki had one hour left till her Meeting so we decided to take a first at the Shibuya 109. It was lively as ever but there we got our next shock/disappointement: the Garula shop was gone!
It's Kiki's favourite shop so she was very disappointed about it. That was really another hit in the face.
At 3 pm we separated at Hachiko. But before I took the Yamanote Line to Shinbashi, I walked through the station to take pictures of Shibuya^^ 

Shibuya Station plaza
I like the area of Shinbashi and I also wanted to make my usual walk through Ginza. I like the quarter and the atmosphere there. But when I arrived and I was Kind of lost...
Normally I have a good sense of direction but I was totally confused when I left the Station. In my dispair I entered the next Excelsior Coffee and wanted to have a coffee & cake to calm down and maybe use WIFI to watch for directions.
I got a cake set: Café Latte and a pumpkin tarte^.^

pumpkin tarte & Café Latte
But then the next shock: there is no WIFI in these coffee shops >.<
I walked around almost one hour till I find the right way to the Shopping streets of Ginza...
But then I had almost lost all of my motivation and couldn't really enjoy being there U.U
I was happy when I found the nice toy shop I discovered to years ago. They have always some interesting Things to sell. This time they sold many Star Wars costumes for children for Halloween XD

Star Wars adverticement
I hoped to get a purikura album there but no luck again >.<
I didn't even find anything else...

So I left totally disappointed and exhausted for my hotel. This was really the worst Holiday of my life *sigh*

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