October 4, 2015

Tokyo Day 2 ~ Golden Bomber concert in Niigata

On Sunday we had our third Golden Bomber concert. Because of the things that happened in Osaka we were pretty sceptic about everything and we also couldn't feel the joy the days before. Kiki was especially nervous because weren't sure how to get the Fanclub tickets.
But we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast before we went to Tokyo Station and took the Max Toki Shinkansen to Niigata. We were happy to see a girl take a seat in the row next to us wearing the Jun birthday hoodie^.^
When we wanted to get off the train in Niigata, she also recognized Kiki's Tamiya T-Shirt and we started to chat with her. At least we tried because she couldn't really speak English. But she was very kind. She asked us for our favourite member, then she took our her cardbook and gave us picture cards of Shou and Kenji O.o
We were totally overwhelmed by this gesture but so happy!! Thanks so much >o<

the two Kenji pictures she gave me^.^
She accompanied us to the right exit and then we wait with her for her other friends. They were a group of six people gathering there from all over the region, I was really surprised.
They met so early because they wanted to have lunch near the station. We refused because we wanted to go straight to the concert hall and find our how we get our tickets, So we had a walk to Niigata Toki Messe where the concert would take place. By the way it was not a concert hall but a concention center. The stage was build up in the great exhibition hall and seats were put in front in 5 blocks (A-E). Everybody was gathering inside the hall. 
the crowds infront of the exhibition hall
We found out that we get our pre-ordered tickets and the ticket counter which would open one hour before the entrance started. So we had to wait half an hour.
In the meantime we strolled a bit through the hall and I was lucky to find a combini inside because on the contrary to Kiki I was pretty hungry by the time^^;
When it was 3 pm we got in line for the tickets and my optimisms worked: it was easier than we thought. Kiki just had to show her passport and she got the tickets^^v
Relieved we tried to get in mood for taking pictures then. I was happy about two great Kenji cosplayers^__^
Mr. Nice Guy X3
Kenji even with shaved hair - amazing!
We also saw Kiki Yona and Ramos Jun XD (from the Bubble Soccer team last tour)
Ramos Jun, me & Kiri Yona^^
Kiki was totally happy to see the Shou from Osaka again^^
(but nobody knows why she is standing nearer to Jun on the picture lol)
Kiki and her guys X3
Then someone was surprised to see us foreigners on the concert: a girl from America – know living in Japan – spotted us and we chattet a lot. It was totally interesting, she even has a friend in Germany.
She was so kind and took a picture of Kiki and me^^
we infront of the crowd
Finally we decided to enter the hall. We sitting in first row of block B... oh my god, we were so close to the stage!!! O.O
Our view:
great view to the stage^o^
It was just amazing! Everybody was so enthusiatic, the atmosphere was awesome and even Golden Bomber themselves seemed more relaxed than in Osaka. This concert was totally great. Best thing was the encore song this time: Masashi^o^

Kiki and I were totally happy when we left the hall.

Niigata at night (view from the concert hall)
We caught the last train to Tokyo and felt relieved that we could enjoy a great concert. But nevertheless it felt strange because we looked forward to three concerts but it just felt like we had only one U.U
But so next year we want to visit the concert in Hiroshima again or at least in smaller hall than Osaka.

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