October 25, 2015

Tokyo Day 3 ~ shopping in Chiba & drinking in Shinbashi

Because we wanted to get some things to work during these holidays I suggested Kiki to go to Chiba where the last Garula shop is located. It is around 40 minutes ride from Tokyo Station by Rapid Train. Unfortunately we had to stand all the time >.<
But in Chiba was sunny weather and I tried to find our way to the center. It was nearer to the Station than I thought! The shopping center is called Junno Aurora Mall. But before we entered we wanted to have a coffee break XD on the other side of the street was a nice little café where I saw 'smoking  area' at once. In the end it was a smoker café with a non-smoking room - unbelievable in Germany XD

Afterwards we were prepared to enter the shopping mall *yosh*
It was small but with wide sidewalks and everything looked really beautiful. When we went up by escalator we already stood in front of Garula. Right next to it was Cecil McBee, what a welcome XD
We checked the floor before finally Garula. Kiki was totally excited and I guess we spent almost one hour in the shop and Kiki made the daily sales probably XD
I tried on some clothes but I didn't like them worn on me so I bought nothing U.U
But Kiki was happy with her huge Garula bag and finally we went back to Tokyo - standing all the time in the train again X.x
entrance of the shopping mall
We arrived just in time to watch the next volleyball game ^.^
Unfortunately Japan failed against Argentina...

Afterwards we went again to Shibuya and checked out the 109 again. I guess we keep our eyes on some things to spend our last money on Thursday XD
Then we called Kiki's friend Aya because we know that she was in town with her husband. We made date for dinner in Shinbashi. Aya looked up a small pub where the food and drinks should be quite good. The interoir was folksy but comfortable. Kiki and Aya's husband ordered beer while I chose calpico sour and Aya Ume shuu (plum alcohol). Aya also ordered some dishes for everyone, this way is very sociable eating^^

first round: karaage, potatoe salad (behind my glass) & tamagoyaki
next: Japanized Korean hotpot (spicy, with tofu)
shrimp korokke with the best mayonaise ever *_*
We chatted a lot but around 22:30 h we left because the pub was about to close, so we searched for another location to get a last drink together before our last train runs back home.
It was a very nice evening though I must say that Japanese cocktails/drinks are not very special to me^^;

Tomorrow we will meet Aya again, so maybe my search for a good cocktail will be more successful XD

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