November 22, 2015

Tokyo Day 4 ~ Harajuku,Volleyball & Ebisu

At breakfast we decided together with Aya what we wanted to do today. Because we were so flashed of the Volleyball World Cup held in Tokyo we wanted to go the Yoyogi Gym and maybe get some merchandise. So we went to Harajuku Station but unfortunately there was nothing to do in front of the gym T.T so we just took some memory pictures.

Kiki & me in front of the gym
So we had to leave without anything. We strolled through Harajuku but it was so sunny today and because of the Japanese holidays it was so crowded that it was really exhausting walking around. We wanted to chill a bit in a Café and decided to try out a Pancake Café opposite to H&M on a main street. They offer Dutch Pancakes, really thick and soft and sweet *_*
Kiki and I loved them! And we were so full afterwards XD

pancake with chocolate sauce and fruits *_*
Because it was too tiring walking around today we decided to head back to our hotel and watch today's volleyball game X3
Aya loved so hard about our commentaries. Unfortunately the Japanese team lost again U.U

Because the game took some time we decided to go for dinner in a soba restaurant in our area. But only Aya ate soba *lol * Kiki chose Katsudon while I tried the Oyakodon^^
It was really delicious but we both didn't like the miso soup in this restaurant.

oyakodon, miso soup & furikake
Then we wanted to have a girl's evening and went to Ebisu to have some drinks. But it was a challenge to find a loation with three free spaces^^'
So we walked a lot around Ebisu till Aya manage to find a nice pub. We had some little dishes, drinks and talked a lot. It was a very funny evening^^

snacks: tamagoyaki, cabbage & gyouza^^
location from my sitting place
So we arrived quite late today again and I have to get up early tomorrow because I will be fetched my friend Hideo and his wife at 8 am at my hotel^^'
So good night!

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