December 11, 2015

Tokyo Day 5 ~ Mt. Fuji

Today my friend Hideo and his wife took me on a trip to Mt Fuji area. They fetched me by car at the hotel and we drove out of town. It is really strange for me as a German how slow Japanese have to drive on the road^^'

Our first stop was a grape plantation. You could taste the diffrent versions and then decide which one you want to pick yourself. They were really huge but sweet and very fresh – very delicious^^
I had to dug under trees but it was kind of fun and you can't pick Weintrauben yourself in Germany. Unfortunately the peach time was already over.
me picking the grapes
entrance of the platation (where the trees are still high XD)
Finally we drove further to Mt Fuji area. There are many lakes with viewing points around the mountain. We also visited an old village at the foot, it was very beautiful. Unfortunately almost every time we arrived at a viewing point, the mountain was covered by clouds^^'
So I had the best view out of the car XD but I was happy to finally see Mt Fuji for real.

so many clouds T.T
view of my Mt. Fuji from the 1000 yen bank note
In between we had lunch at a nice soba restaurant with a good view over a lake. Udon and soba is really popular in this area.
soba with tempura
After driving around half of the mountain, we returned to Tokyo. For no obvious reason I got sick on the ride and we had to stop a autobahn station >.<
It was no use going for dinner together so Hideo took me back to the hotel after I felt better U.U

Nevertheless it was a nice day with the two them and they even gave me grapes for home^.^

I took a little rest and then decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air. I went to Tokyo Tower because it was colorful enlightened.
Tokyo Tower behind the Shiba Park
Then I put all my courage together and entered a massage salon. Kiki and me so the applikation days ago and it was just around the corner and very cheap, so I wanted to try.
Of course the staff couldn't really speak English but I could tell what I wanted and got myself a 30 minutes back massage. It was very good and haven't felt any pain for weeks afterwards! (I got 30 min for around 13 Euro)

So this was a good end for this day.

Tomorrow will be our last whole day during these holidays, so we will spend it – like always – with shopping XD

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