December 12, 2015

Tokyo Day 6 ~ Shopping in Odaiba & Shibuya

This is our last whole day in Tokyo, so like always we wanted to do our final shopping.
Because I wanted to buy some souvenirs we first went to Odaiba because there are many shops for interesting stuff and Fuji TV is also always worth a visit. I had also the idea to maybe get some merchandise from the Volleyball World Cup because Fuji TV was broadcasting it but I wasn't lucky again in this case U.U
I also didn't find stuff of Funassy. But they still had merchandise for Gachapin, One Piece and things like that but we didn't buy anything there.
Fuji TV^^
In the nearby shopping center I was more successful. I bought cookies for a friend and I found Funassy stuff for myself^^v I also bought a volleyball keychain X3 (but not from the World Cup)

So I was happy and then we could drive to Shibuya to make our final tour through the 109. Kiki and I bought again many things, again at Cecil McBee XD Unfortunately Kiki didn't get things she wanted at d.i.a. U.U
I also brought a Star Wars Travelbag at Tokyu Hands *_* I needed a new bag and I couldn't resist to get this. We also got some things for our friends and finally went back to our hotel when we were totally exhausted. 

my gets of the day
We dropped our bargains at our room and went to our favourite udon shop for dinner though I took rice instead of udon but the tempura also tastes great there^^
dinner: rice, soup, korokke & sweet potatoe tempura^^
These were our holidays 2015^__^
But this time we don't have to wait too long for our next travel because Kiki and I will be in Tokyo and Osaka again in December for Christmas time^o^
So stay tuned!!

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