December 16, 2015

Tokyo Day 0 ~ arrival / Tokyo Day 1 ~ Shibuya

Finally December came and Kiki and I went to Japan again! We wanted to escape from christmas in Germany because it was just boring the last years and because of the concert of Kiryuuin Shou on Dec the 15th we decided to visit Japan during Christmas Time.

On Saturday the 12th we flew with Lufthansa from Munich to Tokyo Haneda. Everything went perfect: we met in time, no trouble during the flight, we got Baileys after lunch, I could watch Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation und we landed half an hour earlier than scheduled.
Haneda is a great airport! Everything was so easy. THere was no one at the passport control, so we could just go to the counter. We had to wait a bit for our luggage and the border control was a bit crowded but that was all and we were pretty chilled because we had much time (it was 11 am).
Then we searched the train station... which was just in front of us, so not even 5 min walk. In a few minuted the Airport Express also arrived and we ended up at Hamamatsuchou Station 20 minutes later.
Really, everything was just perfect! The only negative thing was: rain! It was raining quite a lot that day, so we were glad when we arrived at our hotel (of course it is the Shiba Park Hotel again^.~). We could even already go to our room! Just what we needed because we were so tired that we had to take a few hours rest.

For dinner we just bought some usual things we like from the Family Mart and spend the rest of the day making plans for the next days. We especially looked up some new collection clothes at our favourite online shops. Tomorrow we want to start with a shopping tour in Shibuya and we have many things we want to get ^___^


Jetlag... horrible >.<
We just slept 3 hours and were awake since 2 am... >.>
At 5 we got so hungry that I got up, dressed up and went to the next Family Mart to get us something for breakfast^^'
So we started to get get ourselves ready for shopping: washing hair, take a bath and find some nice clothes XD
We visited our favourite Tully'S Coffee but just for a first coffee bacause we weren't hungry, so no breakfast there today.

At Shibuya I was first very surprised to find the place around Hachiko decorated with lights and Santa Clauses hanging in the trees^.^
Atfer a cigarette we were motivated to enter the Shibuya 109. First Round! XD
We take a look through every floor and decided to enter the d.i.a. shop first. Kiki wanted to have a jeans and a coat so badly - so I convinced her to buy these things at once! No more thinking about it because the perfect fits were in the shop this time^^v
The other way round she convinced me to finally buy a belt from d.i.a.! They really had a beautiful one I already liked in September but for no reason I hadn't bought it then. But this time I took it! FInally I have a d.i.a. belt, yes!
Shibuya 109 with a little christmas decoration
d.i.a. belt in black and gold
Afterwards it was time for a first coffee break at the Excelsior Café. Even there we got a place at once - everything went perfect today again! XD
Shibuya 109 second round! We wanted to enter the shop of Cecil McBee. Meanwhile that became my favourite shop but also KIki likes many things there and we just even looked for things for some of our friends. I hoped to a cute light coat there and yes: I got a poncho in light rosa^.^ (though it was actually to expensive for my opinion *hust* but I had to take it >.<) Anyhow, they gave a dicount of 10% for Outer Clothes^^'
So from the money I saved I also bought a pullover XD Then I was ready X.x

poncho with plush and belt
beige pullover
Kiki was also successful and got a pullover, a jeans skirt and a long grey coat she also wanted to have so badly^__^v
Then it was time for lunch, it was already 3 pm and I was starving now (remember: breakfast was at 5 am!). We visited the Food Garden opoosite to the 109 and decided for a Oyakodon lunch set^^
It was delicious but pretty much *puh*

oyakodon, miso soup, furikake & coconut dessert
Because we bought so many things and got tired so badly, we decided to head to our hotel, drop our bargains and got one or two hours of sleep. That was our best idea today!
Afterwards we were refreshed and head back to Shibuya again^^'
I wanted to see the christmas decoration enlightened and we thought of having another round through the 109 because Kiki wanted to look for shoes and we wanted to get things for one of our friends (she always give us a shopping list XD).

I love the christmas lights at Hachiko *_*
I looked great and I love the atmosphere it gives to the place. I made a little video before we searched for a place to make our frist Purikura of these holidays. Fortunately a game center was not so crowded and we took the Purikura machine of Lola XD (reminds us of a song of Golden Bomber)
But it was good though it just took five pictures.

in front of Shibuya Station at night
Lola's purikura machine
Then we entered the 109 again. Unfortunately Kiki didn't find the shoes she was looking for and I wasn't successful in finding winter shorts but we got some things for our friend and got inspiration for other things we may wanna buy XP
But not today because it was already 9 pm (we just had one hour^^'), so the building was closing...
So time to get home and enjoy our successed X3
Shibuya 109
The next day will also be very exciting because Kiryuuin Shou - the singer of Golden Bomber - will have his only solo concert at Nippon Budokan here in Tokyo. And Kiki got tickets for us^.^
I am really excited about it because I can't imagine how he will act alone on stage. But I am looking forward to it^^

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