December 17, 2015

Tokyo Day 2 ~ Kiryuuin Shou Solo Live

Today was the day of Kiryuuin Shou's Solo live concert which is the main reason we came to Japan this December. Kiki is totally in love with Kiryuuin, so she had to get tickets no matter what.
We got ourselves prepared and went to Nippon Budokan in the afternoon. There were already a lot of people gathering around the around the concert hall. Kiki also wanted to buy some merchandise but when we saw the waiting line we got shocked: it went half around the hall! So we played poker and wanted to go to the merchandise booth after the concert.
So we had much left for chilling in front of the hall. We saw every kind every of people (of course almost only women XD): young and old, thick and thin, small and tall, groups, couples and singles...
Nippon Budokan
Unfortunately there weren't many cosplayers but I got totally hilarious when I saw a girl in the High&Low Outfit of Shou *_*
She was so great!!!
me with Shou of 'High&Low'
At 5:30 pm you could enter the hall and at 6:30 pm the concert began. I must say I am totally impressed. The concert was great! He sings mostly ballads but the atmosphere in the hall was just awesome and Kiryuuin is really a remarkable person and singer. He made a good show and it is amazing how he can reach everyone just by standing on stage and sing. There was no band, no stage decoration, nothing, just him.
Of course he made some jokes and his concert was beautifully supported with great illumination!
During the encore he even ran through the audience, totally cute XD
After two and a half hours the concert was over. Kiki was totally happy of course^^
She is considering to visit his Solo Live again. I must say I am not totally against it...

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