December 24, 2015

Osaka Day 2 ~ An Café concert in Kobe

Today was the day of the An Café concert in Kobe. But the day started very bad >.<
In our breakfast café some Chinese tourists were very annoying and then both morning sets were sold out when I was in line >.<
So my day didn't start with a good breakfast...
Kiki and I had also a little quarrel, so while preparing we didn't talk with each other...
When we were ready we tried to motivate ourselves by having a coffee break at the Excelsior Coffee before heading to Kobe. It worked but we didn't feel like going on a concert^^'

We took the subway to Osaka Station and then the JR Kobe Line to Sannomiya (just 410 Yen one way^^). First we wanted to find the concert location. It was a bit difficult and first we got the wrong street^^'
But finally we found the VARIT where An Cafe would play but we had still over one hour left before we could enter. So we wanted to have a little dinner.Because we were out of plan we went to the Excelsior Coffee (again XD) at the Ikuta Road. For the first time we tried the Panini Set there^^
They warm up the Panini and I took the set with soup (you can choose between three different kinds) and salad. I had a roasted chicken & rattatouille panini with tomato shrimp soup and Café Latte^^
Panini Set
This way we spent the rest of the time 'til we could go back to the VARIT. In front were already many girls gathering. There was also the possibility to store away your clothes in a plastic bag for 500 Yen. Kiki and I shared one bag, so that was okay. We got in line and at 6:30 h we could enter the club. I don't know the reason but we also had to buy a drink mark for 600 Yen each >.< otherwise we couldn't enter...
An Café Today^^
sign of the VARIT (very shmall^^')
Kiki could also buy some tour merch but unfortunately some things she should buy for a friend were already sold out U.U
Then we got in front of the stage and we were surprised how small the room was^^'
The place in front of the stage was as big as the stage itself XD And I am so happy that I am so tall because evey girl was smaller than me X3
But there were also two guys taller than me, so we had to avoid standing behind them^^'
Kiki and I changed positions sometimes because she wanted to have a good view on Kanon (bassist) while I tried to see Teruki (drummer) but as drummer he was always sitting in the back T.T
I also liked Yuuki very much! He was totally cool when he explains some moves and keep the audience in mood while Miku (singer) wasn't on the stage (the best part of the concert *lol*)
The concert started just in time and it was so much fun! An Café played over two hours, they made many jokes and Kanon and Yuuki also tried to make a QVC show for their tour goods *lol*
For the encore they found a great way to decide the last song: they played rock-paper-scissors XD everyone had a song but Takuya won with his suggestion 'Escapism'.
After the concert we could redeem our drink mark for a Smirnoff Ice XD That drink was just perfect after the show.
We felt really great when we head back to the station. This is really something we can do again^__^ 
concert shot^-^
We were also just in time for the next Rapid Train to Osaka and we even got a seat *chakka* (what made me totally happy because my feet were aching a lot after standing so long^^')
So we had quite a successful day after the bad beginning.

Tomorrow we will meet my friend Tomomi^.^
I am so happy to see her again!

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