December 22, 2015

Osaka Day 0 ~ Shinkansen to Osaka / Osaka Day 1 ~ Shopping in Shinsaibashi

Today we wanted to take the shinkansen to Osaka. It was quite a challenge to get our luggage to the Station^^'
From Hamamatsuchou we took the Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station. I was surprised to find a free ticket counter for the shinkansen tickets XD everyone greeted me, so I didn't know to which counter I should go^^'
But the man was very kind and could speak Englisch very well! We got the Nozomi Shinkansen Ticket together with a seat reservation for ~14.000 Yen. Quite expensive but the Nozomi runs from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station in less than 4 hours.The ride was quite comfortable^^
At Shin-Osaka we just had to take the Midosuji Subwayline to Shinsaibashi. This time we even remembered our exit XD
We checked in our hotel and first got a coffee at our regular Café.

Of course we had to walk along the Shinsaibashi Shopping Street and greet our friend Glico Man XD
Glico Man ^o^
It was very crowded on Sunday evening though X.x
We didn't intend to buy anything because tomorrow we want to do our compulsory shopping tour. But it was enough for that day and we are looking forward to tomorrow^^


We slept quite long today. I am happy to finally get some sleep^^'
But we had to get up at 10 am because we wanted to get a breakfast set at our café. I looked forward to it the whole last week X3
I was happy to have my toast set with a matcha latte again^.^
morning set^^
Then we got ready for our shopping tour. We wanted check out the OPA because last time half of the shops were closed, so we were excited about how it looks now. There are really many new shops inside but we ended up looking in the shops we already know, haha.
I had to go to Egoist again because I wanted to try on a long coat. I loved the dark red colour and I found out that this coat was oversized, so it even fits me^.^
So I couldn't resist and bought it X3
But even Kiki found a nice long striped-pullover^.^
Kiki also got a one piece and a coat at Rienda, I was very surprised but her new dress looks beautiful.
Then it was time for the next coffee *lol*
We went to a café inside the OPA where they have also super delicious cakes *_*
I had the baked matcha cheesecake again while Kiki tried the pumpkin cake (because there was only one piece of matcha cake left^^'). Both tasted great!
matcha and pumpkin cake
We decided to head back to our hotel and get rid off our heavy bags. I also changed clothes because I wanted to wear my new coat^.^
I love it *_*
Kiki / me
Now we were the coat gang *lol* (Kiki wore her Cecil McBee coat)
So next round: Shinsaibashi-suji! I was searching for more pullover, so we entered the Ingni store but Kiki was the one who found another piece XD
I wasn't lucky on this street U.U
So we went to our Excelsior Café and had the next round of coffee.
Café Latte XD
After a short stop at our hotel again we went out for dinner. We decided to visit our favourite restaurant in the Crysta Mall^^
Kiki chose - like always - the ebi fri set while I tried out Set C (last times I had A and B XD) consisting of Karaage, Hamburger and Cream Korokke.
dinner Set C
These sets make so full X.x but delicious as always!

That was enough for the day. Tomorrow we will visit our next concert, this time it is An Café at VARIT in Kobe^^
We are very excited about it because we only know An Café from concerts in Germany.

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