December 21, 2015

Tokyo Day 6 ~ Star Wars at Tokyo Sky Tree

The day started lazy. Kiki and I weren't much motivated to get up. We had much time because we waited for Aya to arrive, she came short time after noon because she wanted to accompany us to Tokyo Sky Tree.
For that day I even had a suitable Star Wars outfit to show: my Yoda T-Shirt from Primark and my new Star Wars bag from Samatha Thavasa together with my Darth Vader Suicacase X3
my Star Wars Outfit
The three of us had a coffee at our Tully's Coffee to start day. The Tully's had also a new offer of sweets and Kiki and I wanted to taste the new pancake: cinnamon-vanilla-caramel
We just don't know why they add pineapple on top^^'
But it was totally delicious. Japanese pancakes are so fluffy, I love that X3
pancake & Café Latte
Atferwards we took the Asakusa subway line to Oshiage, the station is just under the Sky Tree area. Already when we entered Sky Tree Town we were greeted by a great Star Wars application^.^
Star Wars X3
But Sky Tree Town is also amazing. There are many shops and also a few floors for restaurants and food, so there was much to see. On the other side of the town we found the great Sky Tree. It is so high that you get dizzy when you look above. On the plaza before the Sky Tree there was also a little Christmas market^.^
christmas market
entrance of Tokyo Sky Tree
dizzling view from the bottom XD

We tried to find the end of the line to get tickets for the Sky Tree and then we got shocked: we had to wait 90 minutes or longer! Aya asked the stuff if there will be better time to enter and he suggestet 5 pm or later. So we decided to have lunch first. We went back to Sky Tree Town and try to decide for one of the many restaurants. Kiki and I wanted to have Tonkatsu and of course there was a restaurant specialized for this XD
But the whole floor was very crowded so we had to sit in line and wait. But just for 15 minutes until we could enter. The menue was impressive but Kiki and I already knew what we wanted: Katsudon^o^
We also got salad, miso soup and furikake along with it of course.
katsudon set^^
We took our time and we strolled around the Town before trying again to enter the Sky Tree. But this time the waiting time was said to be two hours or more O.O
I already got disapointed because it's so hard to wait so long and for Kiki and Aya wouldn't it be worth it...
But Aya was suggested to buy a Fast Track Ticket. It is 800 Yen more expensive but then we are albe to enter way more quickly. So we bought three tickets but when we already entering the line for the elevator, Aya and Kiki got panicked and ask to have a Glühwein on the Christmas Market before. I didn't mind, so we stepped back outside and got ourselves some alcohol XD
I was happy about my Hot Kalhua Milk *_*
christmas market in the dark
Finally we had back to the elevator hall. Unfortunately there was now a waiting line, too >.<
This thing really tested my patience...
I was happy when we reached the first observation deck (350 m high). But to get to the top floor (450 m), we had to buy another ticket (so in the whole we paid 2800 Yen + 1000 Yen...). Kiki and Aya weren't so keen to go higher^^'
But they accompany me and I was so happy when the elevator doors opened. We already bumped into Star Wars *_*
Storm Troopers greet you at the entrance XD
The passageway was decorated with the Star Wars Timeline till you reached the exhibition with Japanese Star Wars goods and 'The Force Awakens' exhibits. There was also a photo corner where you could take a picture with a light saber. So Kiki and I took a picture of course ^.^ (it was fun because they count '3... 2... 1... Force! *lol*)
The Force Awakens
only Japanese Star Wars figures
special photo^^
It was so great to see all the Star Wars stuff and of course the Star Wars Soundtrack was playing all the time X3

But the view over the city was also amazing *_*
Tokyo is really wonderful!!!
On the lower deck I also had to take some pictures. It was so great to walk around the tower and watch over the city^__^
view from the top observation deck
view from the first observation deck
But then we went back town by elevator and Kiki and Aya were happy to have safe ground under their feet again XD
Of course I had to visit the Star Wars merchandise shop because these goods will only be available in Japan. They sell really interesting things but it'S not like I had to buy everything^^'
I took a Japanese tea cup because the motiv is just a perfect combination of Star Wars and Japan X3 and of course a bento box XD
Star Wars goods X3
Then it was time to say goodbye to Aya. Kiki and I head back to our hotel then and had to pack our luggage because tomorrow we will go to Osaka^o^

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