December 20, 2015

Tokyo Day 5 ~ Shibuya, Shibuya XD

Today we slept out before going to Shibuya. We still some things left on our shopping list. We started in the Mugiwara Store (One Piece store) in the Parco of Shibuya. Our friend Kirschu wanted to have some things from the store and I was lucky to find almost everything^^v
From there we tried to find the Animate store of Shibuya. My orientation was good today so suddenly we were just standing in front of the building XD After One Piece I was in the mood to search for some Anime stuff myself. On the internet I saw that new Clamp goods should be available at Animate, so I wanted to check out. Especially the new key-chains looked so pretty. And yatta! I found at least the things of Card Captor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth^.^
I bought a keychain of Yue (from CCS) and a pocket with Suicacase in the shape of a clow card.
my Card Captor Sakura goods X3
Kiki wasn't very happy to enter such a shop but surprisingly she also found something: there was a booth just with Tamiya stuff. Even pictures of Golden Bomber and especially of Kiryuuin Shou were hanging around there XD So we find Golden Bomber everywhere! So Kiki had to buy a Tamiya-keychain.

Then it was time for the first coffee of the day before entering the Shibuya 109. Kiki wanted to buy boots so badly and also some tops. She was lucky and got lovely black boots and a pullover from Duras. Surprisingly I also found a pullover though I didn't want to buy anymore clothes^^'
But I love it, I like the colour (creme white) X3 and it was cheap for a change *lol* 
light pullover from xoxo
Over this success we had to take another coffee at Excelsior Coffee XD
This time I also took a chance of the cake set offer and enjoyed a 'Gateau chocolat' along with a Café Latte X3
cake set *_*
Finally Kiki wanted to take a look at the d.i.a. store and left a lot of money again XD
I guess we shopped enough today *lol*
our (shopping) bag collection XD
So for dinner we met again with our friend Aya. We fetched her at Hachiko and she took us to an Okinawa style restaurant in Shibuya. The guys were really funny and lively and everybody was in a good mood^^
restaurant from the inside
The food was also very delicious. I had fried rice noodles with beef and vegetables and rice waffles with Matcha ice and anko as dessert. We also enjoyed some drinks and I was happy to get Khalua Milk *_* (I guess last time was in 2014)
fried noodles & dessert
me, Kiki & Aya
We had a lot of fun and left around 10 pm. But today was just the perfect day^.^
Tomorrow we will meet Aya again and we want to visit the Tokyo Skytree. I'd like to go there because there is a Star Wars exhibition on top of the tower *_*
I'm so excited^o^

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