December 20, 2015

Tokyo Day 4 ~ Golden Bomber exhibition and illumination in Odabia

We heard about a Golden Bomber exhibition in Tokyo Diver City. Golden Bomber had opened the so called 'Shining Star' there, it is an illuminated star which shines in different colours in front of the Diver City Center.

So Kiki and I decided to go there and watch the exhibition and the lightning show of the Shining Star. Diver City is situated at the Tokyo Teleport on Odaiba. We went there by Rinkai Line which stops directly in front of the center.
entrance of Diver City
The exhibition was located on the 4th floor. It was really great. It started with a great picture of Golden Bomber with written comments. Afterwards you find props and sceneries (mostly build and worn by Yutaka) standing in line on the whole floor. You got pieces of information on which tour everything was used for which performence. There were props from 2009 till 2015. We like the things from 2014 and 2015 the most of course XD
There were even the police costumes of the this xear's gay drama^.^
me with the guys XD
Jun's policeman outfit^.^
Yutaka's paper dragon from 2014
Yutaka's paper saxophon collection XD
Yutaka's costumes
After walking around the exhition I had to strengthen myself with a little late lunch. I had a kind of karaage donburi^.^
At 17:45 h the first illumination show started. Besides the Shining Star illumination a Golden Bomber video were playing on screne and the lights were matching the sound of the music. It was totally cool^__^
This time it was Memeshikute.
Shining Star
We decided to go a little shopping in the center and we were wuite successful again: Kiki bought a dress combination at Cecil McBee while I had to buy an extremely stylish Star Wars Bag at Samatha Travesa >.< it was very expensive but I had to buy it... XD

Then it was time for a coffee break at Tully's Coffee^.^
From the outer balcony of the coffee we watched the next illumination show of the Shining Star. This time it was the other video of Golden Bomber 'Mou Bandoman ni koi nante shinai'. Very romantic X3
But I liked the illumination for Memehikute more.

Then we were finished and head back to Ebisu to meet our friend Aya for dinner. We went to Singapore restaurant she recommended. We had delicious steamed chicken with jasmine rice and different sauces^.^
Singapore dinner
So this was again a great Golden Bomber day X3
Tomorrow we will go shopping again cause there are still things we want to have *lol*

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