December 30, 2015

Osaka Day 4 & 5 ~ Tennoji/Shinsaibashi & flight back home

Christmas Eve started lazy again...
Kiki and I got up late and took our time to get ready for the day. Around 2 pm we went to Tennoji by subway because we wanted to find a Ma*rs shop to buy something for one of our friends. So we visited the Abeno Harukas (Building). It is a huge building with a grand Kintetsu store but also with many other shops. Unfortunately there was no Ma*rs shop anymore...
So Kiki and I went around the area because there are many shopping places located in this area. Next to the Abeno Harukas is the Hoop Building but there we weren't lucky either. By the time we got coffee thirst but didn't even find a nice café to take a rest.
We went around the corner and ended up on a main street. On the opposite side was the Q's Mall, another shopping center. There we at least found a Tully's Coffee to sit down and enjoy coffee and cake. 
chocolate cake & café latte
Unfortunately there wasn't a Ma*rs shop either. It seems that there are only shops left in Tokyo. So we gave up on this, sorry Senja!
But the center was quite interesting. There was also a One Piece shop like the one in Shibuya and a little Shibuya 109 XD (it was really called Shibuya 109)
A small part of the center was filled with shops from the 109, that was cool^^
We also visited the SEGA Game center because from today on there should be a gripper arm module for the nyappy bunny of An Café we wanted to get for Senja and maybe for ouselves. But no success here either >.<
So we left with nothing. We went back to Shinsaibashi because we hoped for more success in the game center there and we wanted to get some things from the Donki store.
We couldn't find the nyappy bunnies in Shinsaibashi either, but at least we got some of our wanted sweets at Donki. I bought little Matcha Baumkuchen and sweet potato doughnuts^.^
sweets X3
On the way I also saw the cute pullovers again I saw some days before (and couldn't find the shop the last two days >.<) and Kiki convinced me to try it on. I decided to buy the mint-green one^.^
fluffy pullover^.^
The only success of this day. We also run out of cash, so we just wanted to have a last coffee at the Excelsior Coffee before we went back to our hotel.
The day was really disappointing. I also didn't do anything I planned to do on Christmas Eve but now I hadn't got any motivation left for anything U.U
We just went to our favourite restaurant for dinner before we had to take the challenge of packing our luggage. Okay, for me, it was not a challenge but Kiki had real problems XD
In the end I had to put some of her things into my luggage *lol*
So tomorrow we will return home...


Merry Christmas! 
Today is Christmas Day and I will spend it in a plane *sigh*
Fortunately our flight from Osaka to Tokyo got at 1 pm so we had enough time for breakfast and getting ourselves ready. But it was hard to get our luggage to the subway station^^'
But I was happy about the the christmas greeting in the Crysta Mall on the way to the station:
Happy Xmas ^o^
For the first time we had to go to Itami (Osaka International Airport). So we took the Midosuji Subwayline to Senri-chuo and changed to the Osaka Monorail for the airport. But it was a long way to change trains X.x
We were happy when we arrived at the airport but then we were totally overchallenged where to check in O.o
In the end I just asked someone and we ended up checking in at the Premium member counter XD but the woman at the counter was very friendly and was the only one who could speak English^^'
We also got through the security control for Premium members so then everything went very fast XD
But the airport was really small. On the contrary we had a huge plane for Tokyo O.o
It was a pity that this plane didn't run for Frankfurt *sigh*
ANA plane for Haneda
At Haneda we had to change. With the airport express bus we had to go to the International Terminal and this time we really had to hurry >.<
We just had 20 minutes left for boarding^^' but we made it in time, unfortunately we hadn't time to buy something to eat and we were starving T.T
But somehow we survived the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and while Kiki had to change planes again for Berlin, I took the ICE to Duesseldorf and was happy when I could just fall into my bed...

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