August 5, 2016

In Japan again! Arriving in Osaka


I haven't blogged for a long time but now I am in Japan again, so I want to share my experiences here.
This time my friend Kiki and I are in Japan for the Golden Bomber Fan Club Tour and Handshake Event. We managed to get tickets via lottery for the concert on Saturday the 6th!!!
We are very nervous and can't imagine the situation but we are also very happy for this chance to see our favourite members ^____^ 

So we booked the most expensive flight and hotels we ever had because it is now summer vacation in Japan and next are national holidays X.x

This time we flew with Finnair via Helsinki to Osaka. It's a nice route because we flew 2 hours to Helsinki and then just 9 more hours till Osaka^__^ 
But Finnair isn't a very good airline... on European flights you have to pay extra for soft drinks like coke or fanta and you don't even get a snack to eat. On the international flight the service wasn't impressive, the food was bad and the entertainement was also quite boring. 

Though the day started quite good. We arrived at Berlin Tegel airport on perfect time and were quite excited about the flight. But first we had a second at coffee fellows^.^

coffee time^^

first stop: Helsinki

Helsinki is very expensive, so we had our most expensive lunch there^^'
But at least we can say we tried Finnish food. Kiki had reindeer pasta while I chose the beetroot risotto. It was very delicious^^

beetroot risotto / reindeer pasta
We arrived in Osaka 30 min before schedule, we passed the passport control in record time but then had to wait unusually long for our luggage^^'
But the border control went also smoothly, so then we could relax. We changed clothes, I could change money (bad exchange rate at the moment >.<), Kiki could smoke before we took the Nankai train to Namba^^

We arrived at our hotel around 11 o'clock, so we had to pass three more hours till we could get to our room X.x
We were so tired...
But couldn't be helped, so first we visited our breakfast café in the underground mall and I was relieved to get my long awaited Matcha Latte^-^

But of course we couldn't spend the whole time there (otherwise we would have fallen asleep) so we went to a drug store nearby because I forgot some hair care. Then we entered the Tokyu Hands because I wanted to buy powder, a letter set and a sd card for my camera (which I also forgot^^;).

gets of the day
I got hopefully a good natural powder which was recommend by the staff (who spoke perfectly English!). It is very light, can be used as foundation or finish and has SPF50, so perfect for me. (price: 4500 Yen + tax)

Because we still had time left we also went over the Shinsaibashi doori to Donki where I hoped to find the sd card and a letter set. I wasn't lucky with the letter set either but I got a sd card and by accident I called Kikis attention for a curling iron because she wanted to have a new one. So great success here, too!

On the Shinsaibashi doori we also found a new Cecil McBee shop^^
Last year I was sad because the great store on the street was closed but this time I am not so into the fashion. I don't like the new collecions... *sigh*

When we finally could enter our room we fell aslepp almost immediately X.x
And slept for six hours >.<
Far too long... so we just get us dinner from the Family Mart/Lawson and now we kill some time with our luggage, watching TV and prepare for tomorrow, the day of the Handshake Event!!!

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